Benidorm – 4 Towns in One

Benidorm is a big resort with miles of beaches, hundreds of restaurants and bars and a great deal more besides. There are four main areas of the town.

Playa de Levante

Levante Beach and surrounding hotels and apartments is perhaps the best known area of Benidorm.  This area attracts the most British and Northern European visitors.

Levante Beach

Levante Beach

The blue flag (the highest standard) Levante Beach is busy but clean and well run.  The entire area in front of the beach is traffic free and easily accessible. Levante has lots going on with bars and cafes from one end to the other – almost 1.5 miles long.

New Town, Benidorm

The ‘New Town of Benidorm’ is has many high rise hotels and apartment blocks.  At night there are a number of bars and restaurants and catering both for families and party goers and this area is the best known and popular parts of Benidorm for British holiday makers.

Stag and Hen Parties

Benidorm is a favourite for both Stag and Hen Parties, most of whom stay in the hotels surrounding the Levante Beach area. The ‘English Area‘ in the New Town is a major attraction for the boys and girls with massive nightclubs, very busy bars and all sorts of entertainment for all sorts of people!

Playa de Poniente

There are very few high rise hotels and apartment blocks on and to the back of Poniente Beach. This area caters to a wide cross section of visitors and is much more residential.

View of Poniente Beach, Benidorm

Poniente Beach from the Old Town

Poniente features an uncrowded beach, clear blue sea and a selection of restaurants and more exclusive bars. Spanish, German, Dutch and other nationalities outnumber British tourists 10 to 1 which some believe is a good thing!

Benidorm is a big place, stretching over 5 miles. Viewers of the TV series ‘Benidorm’ wont recognise Poniente at all.  It has some of the most exclusive restaurants and bars.  The villas resting on the beach can sell for over $4million.

The key advantage of staying in the Poniente area – mostly in apartments and houses – is that the night life of the Old Town and Levante is in easy reach either by a 20 minute walk or short bus or taxi ride.  This means when you want peace and quiet either in the night or day you can be sure to get it.

Benidorm Old Town

Between Levante and Poniente beaches rests the ‘Old Town of Benidorm’

As the name implies, this part of Benidorm is more traditional.  Whilst there are a selection of smaller hotels and apartments blocks, this area is known for its shops, bars and restaurants.

St Jamie Church

St Jamie Church

Virtually all year around the old town boasts crowds of all nationalities with the majority being Spanish visitors from the big cities, most notably from Madrid.  This means there is a massive selection of traditional Spanish Tapas cafes which are some of the best in the whole of Spain.

Benidorm Old Town is also the home to one of the biggest gay villages in any European city.  Over 30 bars and nightclubs – to suit everyone’s tastes and style.
Benidorm Headland View.

The Old Town is easy to get to.  Most people walk but there are plenty of taxis and regular buses from all tourists areas.

Benidorm City

Benidorm from the SkyBenidorm is a major metropolitan area and has large supermarkets, shopping centres and a number of commercial operations.

The tourist industry is the key employer and the majority of people who work in the industry live in apartments further back from the beaches.

There are a number of shopping areas and attractions on the edges of Benidorm. Attractions include all the fun of the fair at ‘Terra Mitica,’and the a big water park at ‘Aqualandia.’

There are a number of huge shopping malls with both up-market designer stores and shops for the budget conscious.

Benidorm has a population of around 50,000 but this swells to about 300,000 if you include tourists and over 5 million people visit Benidorm each year.