Shopping in Benidorm

Shopping in Benidorm

There are many places to shop in Benidorm and its not all tourist orientated.

The Old Town Shopping

The Old Town has plenty of shops which you’d find on any Spanish High Street.  In the main shopping area you’ll find Zara, Massimo Dutti and lots of high end shops selling clothes, of note are the really good (and inexpensive) shoe shops.

It is worth spending an early evening looking around the shopping areas and you’ll see plenty to buy for your holiday but also to take home. Our estimates are that Zara, for example, has clothes which are 20% cheaper than in the UK.

Marina Shopping Centre

For a greater selection of clothes shops go to the Marina Shopping Centre which is behind Poniente Beach in the Finistrat area.  The centre has masses of clothes shops, you’ll find big supermarkets and lots of other shops which you wouldn’t necessarily find at home.

Indoor Market

The very British orientated Indoor Market is at the end of Levante Beach and up the hill towards the main hotels.  The centre (which gets a little warm in Summer) has a lot of small stalls selling everything from watches to something to take home with ‘Benidorm’ on it.