Buying Cigarettes and Tobacco in Benidorm

Buying Cigarettes in Spain isn’t that Easy!

Cigarettes are sold at ‘Tabacos’ shops in Benidorm as they are all around Spain. Look for the same ‘Tabacos’ sign which is the same on every shop selling cigarettes.

The number of Tabacos shops is controlled and cigarettes are NOT sold in supermarkets or smaller shops, only in Tabacos and in a limited number of vending machines.

Only certain bars and retailers like petrol stations can have cigarette machines and the number of machines is limited too.  So, if you see a machine in a bar, you’re unlikely to see another one close by.  If you are using a cigarette machine, you’ll have to ask the bar man to press a remote control to turn it on.  This is to stop people who are under age buying ‘fags!’

Prices of cigarettes in Benidorm, as a rough guide, is around half that of the prices in the U.K.

Occasionally you may be offered cigarettes to buy by someone in a bar.  These will be a lot cheaper but are often counterfeit; bad fags in drag.

Look for this Sign

sign showing tabacos

Where can you Smoke in Benidorm?

You can’t smoke in restaurants and bars in Benidorm.  However, most outside seating areas will allow smoking. Restaurant owners may disapprove of flicking ash on the floor so always best to use an ashtray.  Some pool side areas have a ban on smoking – something which is increasingly common – look out for no smoking signs.

As in other countries in Europe, smoking is almost always banned on public transport, publicly owned buildings and in sensitive areas such as places where children play. This will include most parks.

Driving?  You will get fined for throwing out a live tab end from a car window.  This is because fires can be started easily in Benidorm’s dry climate.  Recently there were big fires on the outskirts of Benidorm, the authorities suspected they were started by someone throwing out a cigarette from a car.

Find somewhere to buy Cigarettes in Benidorm

Tabacco Shop Address
Aguilar Masanet Antonia Calle Altea, 2
Algado Llinares Maria del Carmen Avenida Mediterraneo, 15
Anton Suchs Maria del Carmen Partida Almafra, 19
Buciega Fernandez Teresa Avenida Juan Fuster Zaragoza, 9
Cano Perez Josefa Avenida Madrid, 23
Castro Gonzalez Juan Carlos Avenida Alfonso Puchades, 2 - LC 2
Cid Guerrero Mario Avenida Beniarda, 47
Domech Aroca Ramon Avenida REI Jaume I, 8
Estanco Avenida Beniardá
Evangelio Martinez Maria Jose Calle Esperanto, 2
Exclusivas Eurotabaco Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa, 4
Farach Orozco Josefa Maria Paseo Carretera, 31
Jorda Abella Jose Calle Arnedo, 16
Mayor Devesa Enriqueta Calle Tomas Ortu#o, 13
Moran Carbonell Jose Enrique Avenida Ametlla de MAR, 8 - A
Navarro Buciega Luis Avenida Mediterraneo, 66 - A 35
Navarro Llorca Miguel C Sant Vicent, 2
Orquin Cano Vicenta Avenida Vila Joiosa, 6
Perez Bolufer Vicente Avenida Armada Espanola, 2
San Roman Perez M Sonsoles Avenida Mediterraneo, 1
Sanchez Guillen Jesus Partida Tolls, 20
Sanchez Guillen Jesus Alameda Alcalde DON Pedro Zaragoza, 12
Selles Llorca Vicente Avenida Filipinas, 5 - 7
Anton Suchs Maria del Carmen Urbanizacion Almafra, 19
Llorca Moreno Margarita Avenida Europa, 25