Getting About in Benidorm

Getting About in Benidorm

Benidorm is a big city and one of the biggest tourist resorts in Europe.  That means getting around isn’t always a matter of a short stroll to where you want to go.

Here we give a few tips on getting around Benidorm.  Day-to-day you’ll want to keep your Euro’s and travel cheap. Later on you might want to push the boat out and get a taxi.

If you are in Benidorm for a while, why not explore?  There are plenty of things to do like the various attractions near to Benidorm like Aqualandia (the waterpark) but there’s also some great beaches , shopping centres and things to go and see for the day.

Saving Money on Getting Around Benidorm

Taxis are more expensive than in the UK (in our opinion) but they’re there for convenience and ease.  Buses are plentiful in Benidorm and, if you get the basics, it can be a great way of getting around and spreading your wings to see and visit lots of different parts of Beni!

There are a number of Bus Routes which traverse Benidorm, click here to see the latest information and route numbers.

Taxis In Benidorm

The official taxis in Benidorm are white.  They have a light on top and, if it is green, they are open for business.  You can hail them (port your hand up or whistle!).

You can call them and their number is 660294491.  If you are dialling from a UK mobile then call +44 660294491.

There is a standing charge and this depends on the time of day. This is usually 3 -5 Euros which is quite a lot really. Charges per mile/minute vary but, as a rough guide, I reckon on a 10 Euro charge from one end of Benidorm to another.

If you are going to Alicante Airport then there’s a standard charge which changes throughout the season but plan for north of 80 Euros.  Contact us if you want a different option and a cheaper fee!

Take Care!

Occasionally you may be approached by people who say they’ll take you to…. wherever… as they’re ‘on their way.’ Just DO NOT get in their car.  Chances are you’ll be taken to the outskirts and fleeced.