Best Family Hotels in Benidorm

Choosing the right hotel for your family can be nothing short of a nightmare – especially if you arrive and you get the feeling you’ve got it wrong.

Outlined below are some of the better family hotels in Benidorm.  Just click on a button and you’ll see a short summary of each hotel which has been edited from looking at 1000’s of reviews and comments made by their guests from a number of different countries. Use our Booking Box to make your reservations once you’ve decided.

Hotel RH Princesa

The Princesa, having been refurbished, is an upmarket hotel and has overall very good reviews from many different nationalities.  It is a very good quality family hotel with a mixed, mainly British/Spanish, clientele.

We think this one of the better hotels if you’d like to see more of the ‘real Spain’ as it is quite close to the Old Town where there are many restaurants and bars which give a taste of Spain.  The Princesa is also close to Levante Beach so it has a number of boxes ticked.

The pools aren’t quite as spacious as other family hotels and the hotel might suit those with slightly older children who may need as much space to run around.

Although high quality, the buffet can be a little repetitive but that is nothing other all-inclusive hotels don’t get criticised for as well.

Top Tip

Maybe half board so you can spend a little time in the nearby Old Town to explore the 100’s of different restaurants and shops and avoid getting bored with the buffet.

Top Gripe

Crowded Pool, smaller outside area.

Sol Pelicanos Ocas

The Sol Pelicanos is the true ‘Benidorm’ family hotel and the location of the TV series itself.

The most outstanding feature about this hotel are the pools and outside areas.  Whilst sunbed availability can be limited, the hotel operates a policy to clear beds after more than an hour of each bed being unoccupied which is fair enough and probably a system other hotels should take a look at.

The hotel is located at the further end of Levante Beach but very well situated for the beach itself and the lights, pubs and clubs of the ‘strip.’

Rooms are well appointed, and comfortable with plenty of room.  Some bathroom areas can be limited but not annoyingly so.

Food is good quality but could be said to be bland.  Families with Kids who have fussy tastes will be fine but those how enjoy food might want to go on a B&B or Half board option so they can try out the hundreds of restaurants nearby and in the old town.

Entertainment is variable with some good shows but many find that they also want to visit other places for their entertainment.  That said, kids make friends easily at the Sol Pelicanos as will their parents.  A true family hotel, no airs and graces, people determined to enjoy themselves and sun, sand, swimming and a few drinks – for many that’s just what a family holiday should be.

Top Tip

Adopt unpopular meal times to avoid queues.

Top Gripe

Not all like the sun bed system.

Sol Pelicanos Hotel in Benidorm

Hotel Deloix Aqua Center

Quite a distance from the beach – a 20-25 minute walk at least – the Deloix is a big lower level hotel which is noted for its pools and outside areas.

Whilst the rooms need some updating, they are spacious and many have good views.  Generally, the rooms are well appointed with small fridges, flat screen TVs and hair dryers etc.

The hotel is operated to cater for both British and Spanish families and the children’s facilities are excellent, particularly for younger children.

As mentioned the pools are well maintained and there is an indoor pool available and there is gym and spa. The Deloix asked that you wear a swimming hat so take them with you or buy them there which can be much more expensive.

The food is said to be a little bland and repetitive.  As the Deloix serves a number of nationalities, the food is sometimes more suited to one nationality or another.  That said, if you have kids, there’s plenty for them to eat.

Top Tip

Book half board then you won’t feel guilty about eating out which can be a better family experience.

Top Gripe

Far away from Beach, food and swimming hats.

How to Book a Family Hotel in Benidorm

By teaming up with, we’re making sure you get the might of the world’s biggest hotel booking company. Hopefully we’ve given you a plenty of information on family hotels so you can make your decision.

Use the Booking Box below to find out prices and dates of any of the hotels listed here or the hundreds of other hotels in Benidorm which might catch your eye.  Good luck, and have a great holiday!

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10 Things to think about when booking a Family Hotel in Benidorm

There are many Benidorm hotels to choose from and the choice can be mind boggling.  Your holiday is precious so its worth thinking about a few things before you finally choose a hotel.

  1. Swimming Pools – if your kids enjoy endless hours splashing around in the pool, take a very good look at the location of the hotels, and how much space they offer to their guests by the pool.
  2. Food – All-inclusive is often a popular choice for families, but why not go half board, adding a drinks package? Hotels near to the centre of Benidorm have hundreds of local eateries. After all, all-inclusives’ can become a little boring!
  3. Sleep – If you’re hotel is near the centre; the nightlife can be noisy. If you’re family love to be in the hustle and bustle, specify your room choice before jetting off, to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  4. Entertainment – Some hotels tone down their entertainment with the hope their guests leave and find their own entertainment. Don’t worry – this is plentiful in Benidorm.
  5. Kids – Family holidays are often the prime time for your kids to make friends. Browse reviews to gauge which nationalities stay there.
  6. Room – If you arrive, and your room isn’t to your liking, don’t wait for the rep! Head down to reception and ask to be moved. That said, the more you say about your requirements before-hand (as well as your research) will make it better all round.
  7. Time – the cheaper flights are often early morning or late evening. However, be aware choosing these flights can often put you in the back of the queue for best rooms, or if you’re too early, your room may not be ready.
  8. Drinks – many all-inclusive hotels have on tap drinks which saves you money and is very convenient. If this important to you – check out which offer you these and what their system is. The Gran Bali, for example, makes everyone queue up in one line at night to be served by a limited number of staff – don’t be left thirsty!
  9. Upgrade –There’s nothing like telling people around the pool that you have an ‘upgrade room’. These rooms often give you special benefits (not just a better room), like better drinks, club areas etc.
  10. Thanks – staff appreciate your feedback. Say thank you, and you’ll always get a little extra on your holiday.