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10 Tips to Avoid Horrors in a Holiday Apartment

For many people renting an apartment is the perfect solution for their holiday. Apartments give privacy and freedom but there are some down sides. The best advice we can give is to meet before hand in a pub or somewhere neutral discuss a few things beforehand and The following are 10 good tips to avoid a Holiday Horror in an Apartment where you’ll be sharing with family or friends:

  1. Beds – A pull down couch in the main room should be avoided if possible. The unlucky occupant – even kids – will get Holiday Horror Stress as they have no privacy. They, in turn, will make you unhappy.
  2. Rooms – Most apartments will have different sized rooms and everyone will have a view of ‘good’ rooms and ‘bad.’ If Dad and Mum are paying then they get to choose the room. However, think about doing a draw so everyone’s rooms get allocated on the luck of the draw.
  3. Jobs – Guests often expect the organiser of the Apartment to do everything. Before you go have a discussion about who does what. Think about who empty’s the bins, washes up etc.
  4. Rotation Days If there are two couples or two families etc then consider giving the jobs to one or a few people on a one day and to the others on the next. You’ll then not be falling over each other.
  5. Kitty – Just ask everyone to contribute to a house kitty and buy essentials and supermarket food out of that. Sometimes the most petty disputes involving pennies drive friends and family apart.
  6. List – Following on from the above, just have a list in the apartment where anyone can put down what they need.
  7. Noise – Some people will be noisy, early risers or dirty stop outs. Others make ‘noise’ in their room. Everyone’s on holiday so you may have to keep quiet about noise. If it gets bad just have it out face to face and try not to strop and humph.
  8. Bathroom – The best apartments have a separate bathroom for each couple. But this can be expensive. If you are sharing, take all your toiletries out in a wash bag and get others to do the same. Set a rule about leaving the room tidy and towels hung up.
  9. Keys – Apartment owners will charge you through the nose for replacement keys. As soon as you get into the apartment find one place where you always leave keys. Get a bowel out of the kitchen if there’s a spare. Also give specific people the job of owning the keys.
  10. Nudity – Some people drop their standards on holiday and this can mean their normal attitude towards showing off their body. Again, that meeting before the holiday starts might be a good time to mention this if nudity bothers you.

How to Approach the Discussion

Send a link to this page to your friends and family members, even the kids.  It will make them smile but its a great way of raising the issues without you being seen as strange!  They can also use the Booking Boxes to do the search on line and give their input.

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