Best Adult Only Hotels in Benidorm

Adults Only Hotels – Calm, Cool and Friendly

Adult only hotels can be a smart choice for those who want a good holiday without the ‘hassle’ of the little ones interrupting conversations and putting their sticky fingers in the buffet.

Benidorm has seen a big growth in Adult Only hotels as their popularity increases.  There are a number featured here and you can book one of your choice through our bookings box.

Sandos Monaco Beach Hotel & Spa

The Sandos Hotel, is generally well regarded by its guests who like the child free hotel based in one of the busier areas of Benidorm.

Rooms are not massive but not small either and the staff seem to have received very good training as many guests feel welcomed and appreciated.

The pool area is limited and the sun can fall on sunbeds around the pool much later on in the day so that’s worth thinking about if you are a sun worshiper but not a beach lover which is about 10 minutes walk away.

Food is good but buffet style and many book half board or other packages so that they can eat out when they want to.

The local nightlife and area is very busy and therefore the Sandos is good if you are a ‘Benidorm’ lover.

Mixed visitor profile with a number of nationalities, not just British.

A nicely styled hotel with up-to-date decor and a modern feel about it.  Not too pricey normally so very much worth thinking about.

Top Tip      

Great staff – if you are not happy, just talk to them, they actually seem to listen.

Top Gripe

Shadow on Pool

Marconfort Essence

The Marconfort is a stylish and modern hotel suited to couples and or small groups of adults.  It is situated on the outer edge of the New Town so it is a good 20-minute walk to Levante Beach but there is transport.

The rooms in the Marconfort a large and stylish and well appointed.  Whilst the hotel is quite highrise, the lifts appear to function well unlike some similar hotels.

Being slightly out of town the entertainment is reasonable and worth staying in for on a number of nights but it is only 10 minutes to the New Town.

The pool areas and availability of sun beds is good and there’s plenty of daytime activities for the restless.

The all-inclusive package is good but not spectacular and it might be a good idea to venture out on an evening to sample Benidorm’s restaurants which are plentiful.  Food is good quality but can be repetitive.

A lot of people stay a week at the Marconfort which isn’t a bad idea as 2 weeks could become a little boring – depends on the crowd staying there.

A friendly hotel punching above its weight for adults who will appreciate some of the added extras (like a bottle of Cava on arrival).

Top Tip

Go for a higher room, great views and lifts aren’t a problem.

Top Gripe

Walk to beach and repetitive food.

Why an Adult Only Hotel in Benidorm might Suit You

10 Advantages to Booking an Adult Only Hotel in Benidorm

Benidorm is so big it has hotels for everyone.  Recently the resort has seen the growth of Adult only hotels where children below the age of 16 or 18 are banned. There are many advantages to Adult only hotels which include:

1. Pools – apart from a few in-water entertainments like water Zumba, the pool area will generally be calm and relaxed.

2. Food – Many adult-only hotels work on an all-inclusive basis, yet it’s much less frantic. There’ll be less small hands handling your food, and no riots when the food isn’t to their liking!

3. Choice – if you are going for more than 7 nights you may find the food a little repetitive and boring. We’d recommend going to the many restaurants found both in the New Town and, for a taste of Spain, the very high quality Spanish restaurants in the Old Town.

4. Sleep – Family hotels can cause disruption especially where kids are left to their own devices.  Choose your hotel carefully as some are very near the New Town and may be a little noisy into the night.

5. Entertainment – Quite simply you’ll find Adult hotels geared up for grown up tastes. Perhaps you’ll find a few nights in the hotel can be interspersed with Benidorm nightlife, if you choose.

6. Friends – No kids means you can often form great friendships with a couple by the pool or in the bars and dining room.  Most people are more open to chatting when there’s no nipper tugging on their sleeve.

7. Solo – Some people go on holiday on their own and these tend to opt for Adult hotels and you’ll find it is easier to ‘join in’ with others than in a family hotel.

8. Room – Most of the hotels reviewed are higher quality, have better decoration and have been looked after not only by the hotel management, but by the guests.

9. Drinks – many guests at Adult only hotels in Benidorm like the more sophisticated atmosphere of the bars on offer.

10. Relaxation – After a busy time at home, Adult hotels can help you relax more and most of the hotels you’ll find it 50% calmer than a family hotel.

How to Book an Adult Only Hotel in Benidorm

If you are travelling solo, as a couple, or as a group of friends who want a kids free holiday hotel, then use Booking Box and enter the hotel we’ve reviewed or just try to use the search features to find a hotel or apartment for you.

You’ll see we’ve teamed up with, as they have a good track record of finding the right hotels for the right people at the right price.

We’ve reviewed the adult only hotels we have seen in Benidorm but, if you are a previous ‘Adult Only’ visitor and can nominate another hotel then please contact us so we can share the good (or bad) news with others.  Thank you.

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