How to Choose a Cheap Hotel In Benidorm

Finding a Cheap Hotel in Benidorm

Sometimes all you need is a place to rest your head and that’s why many choose a cheaper hotel in Benidorm. There are literally hundreds of restaurants so eating won’t be a problem and if you choose the right location, you’ll be able to walk to the main clubs and pubs on the ‘Strip.’

Take a look at the map we’ve created showing cheaper hotels. You’ll see a number of markers, just click on them for the hotel name and details where we have them.  You can also search on names and find out where those hotels are. Then use our Booking Box – we’ve teamed up with – to make sure you can find a good hotel for getting your head down and also one which will be easy – right near where you want to be.

10 Tips on Choosing a Cheap Hotel in Benidorm

Sometimes your budget is going to be limited, or you know that you only need a place to sleep for the night when out and about all day and night with friends.

Follow the 10 tips below to make sure you get the right cheap hotel for you.

  1. Location – use the table below and our hotel map to make sure your hotel is in the place you want it to be.  Most cheaper hotels, because they are usually smaller, are in the Old Town so that’s great for pubs and clubs around that area. However, take a 15 minute stroll and you’ll hit the British Strip in the New Town.
  2. Cleanliness – Cheaper hotels are cheap because they spend less money on them either in décor, furnishings or room cleaning.  Check the room as soon as you arrive and pay particular attention to the mattress (pulling the sheets off a part of the bed), and look at the bathroom.  If you’re not happy go straight down to reception and change the room – you’ve nothing to lose.
  3. Breakfast – If you’re not a big breakfast person these hotels are fine for a quick snack before you go out in the morning. Don’t book half or full board, you’ll be disappointed.
  4. Noise – If you are a light sleeper think about where the room is. Since you have picked a cheaper hotel you might want to find an inward facing room. No view but far quieter.
  5. Access – Often cheaper hotels have no late night access as there are no staff on the reception – not much good if you’ve come back at 2 in the morning.
  6. Shower/Water – When you check in test out the shower and taps for hot water.  Complain if there is none or the shower is a trickle.  You might get nowhere, but you’ve nothing to lose in a cheaper hotel.
  7. Age/Nationality – If you are a British woman under 25 you might find the company of 35 elderly Spanish men less than ideal.  Do your research and find a hotel which suits your profile.
  8. Security – Lock up everything and try and find a room with a safe.  Do NOT leave valuables or even change in the room on display it could be taken.
  9. Go high – Try for the highest room in the hotel (provided the lifts are working). Security will be better and you’ll get the benefit of fresher air as these hotels are not likely to have air conditioning.
  10. Go Out – Your room is there to put your head down so treat it like that.  There’s loads of places to eat, drink, sunbathe and be merry.

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Map Showing 1 and 2 Star Hotels in Benidorm