Organising your Stag and Hen Party in Benidorm

Why Stags and Hens Choose Benidorm

Stag and Hen parties in Benidorm can actually be cheaper and much more fun than choosing a UK base. That’s why thousands of Stags and Hens visit Benidorm throughout the year.

Benidorm has a ‘microclimate’ which means that hot weather, the sun, can still be found in the winter months. Benidorm has great value accommodation and with cheap flights from almost every UK airport, the party resort can often be a much better choice for the man or woman tasked with organising the event.

The New Town in Benidorm is the place to stay and everyone will find 24 hour partying, cheaper food and drink and a all-year-long party atmosphere the perfect answer to everyone’s expectations.

Find Accommodation For Your Stag or Hen Party in Benidorm.

Hotel Presidente in Benidorm New Town

Find The Best Location For Your Stag or Hen Weekend in Benidorm.

Click on the hotel markers in the green zone on the map below – that’s really the best place to stay for Stag or Hen weekends. As our tips for a great Stag or Hen Do says, book a hotel close to the action in the New Town of Benidorm.

31 Tips on Organising a Brilliant Stag Party in Benidorm

1.    Decide on who you really want to be at the Stag do.  Some stag do organisers get number crazy but too many people, especially if you have to think about accommodation, can be a nightmare.  More important, if you have more than, say 15, then groups will form and at best this can be like herding cats and at worst you might get some people who argue and problems occur on holiday.

2.    As a rough guide, only invite people who have had a night out with you and or the groom in the last 6 months.

3.    If others say they want to come then tell them the dates and where you are going to be staying but leave it to them.  Sounds harsh but it can save a lot of grief.

4.    Organise another night out in the UK for ‘others’ and those who can’t make it.  The alternative stag night is great for cousins and family and work mates.

5.    It’s a great idea to set up a group chat on WhatsApp or FaceBook messenger.  Then you can save hours in organisation time and discuss accommodation etc. more