Benidorm Nightlife

Benidorm is well known for its brilliant clubs and bars catering for everyone’s tastes. The big nightclubs rival anything you’d get in the major cities of the world or hotspots like Ibiza. They compete which means lower prices and a focus on giving clubbers the best time. The following are some of our picks and a few pointers to look out for when clubbing in Benidorm.

As you’ll see, we’ve also got information from most types of entertainment including Shows, British Pubs, Karaoke bars and other links like to the Gay Village in Benidorm.  Just click on any button for more information.

Where to go, what to do at Night in Benidorm

Benidorm’s massive night time scene is plentiful and varied – something for everyone and every taste. If you are out for a party there are the clubs on the strip, the all-night nightclubs and daytime bars on Levante Beach.

Families have plenty of choice with some great British Bars and clubs catering to everyone – many having tribute acts and karaoke.  For a show there’s a touch of Vegas at the Benidorm Palace and other show bars. Stag and Hen parties can choose from everything which is on offer. Most will choose the strip but some will want to go further and even visit alternative clubs for their last night of freedom! If you are gay then there’s a whole village for you waiting with over 30 bars and clubs.

If you just fancy a great meal out then virtually every type of pocket and taste bud can be satisfied by Benidorm’s hundreds of restaurants.

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Benidorm Clubs

The following are well known nightclubs in Benidorm.  Obviously there are many other bars and places to go.  Often the best thing to do is to work up from simple bars, to the clubs on the strip and then on to the bigger clubs which are slightly out of town.

There are loads of bars on the front of Levante beach. Just walk along and you’ll quickly find one for you.  The Tiki is the most famous but try to look into others, they all offer something a bit different.

Penelope and Manssion and other big clubs have bars on the front of Levante Beach and you’ll find free busses to their bigger clubs all night long.

BeachcomberAv. de Mallorca, 7, Benidorm, Spain

Not sure about this one.  Same offerings as most of the other big bars but quite a few stories of stolen phones etc.  Might be unfair and temporary.  That said, lots of people have a great night out here and you're best going in a crowd if you can.

Cafe BenidormCalle Lepanto, 18, Benidorm, Spain

Lots of Stag and Hen Do's and groups of lads. That said lots of 40's and older attracted by 80's and 90's music.  Tribute acts are said to be good and drinks not too expensive, especially the 2 for 1 offers. To quote someone, 'if you are going to pull, you'll pull here!' which may be true, find out maybe?

Chaplin'sAvenida de Mallorca, 4, Benidorm, Spain

Smaller club and well set out.  Has some good reviews and maybe more of an older place?  Stand to be corrected on this but it has been when I have visited.

HippodromeCalle Lepanto, 18, Benidorm, Spain

Probably find a younger crowd here and the focus mainly on dance music.  Mixed reviews of staff. Can get quite rowdy and - watch your phone and your money!

JokersAvenida de Filipinas, Benidorm, Spain

Mix of acts until about 1 then drinking and dancing. Not on the strip so you'll have to look right when walking up from strip to the right. General good fun party crowd. tribute acts like Coco and 1 Direction very good.

ManssionAvinguda de la Comunitat Valenciana, 122, Benidorm, Spain

Massive club - can hold about 5,000 people so there's someone for you if you're single (or feeling sparky). Fantastic DJ's and brilliant atmoshere. I've been and been, you can find anything and anyone you want here - Go

PenelopeAv. de la Comunitat Valenciana, Benidorm, Spain

Much younger crowd and very good music.  Looks awful in the day but at night Penelope is bright and sparky.  Big place and plenty of action.  Been going for years (since 1983!) so have learnt a thing or two. Pay to get in.

SinatrasAvenida Europa, 1, Benidorm, Spain

Top of the strip so maybe not as busy as others sometimes.  Good tribute and drag acts up to about 1 then dancing and drinking thereafter.  2 for 1 drinks as in other places.  Usual crowd of hens, stags, people reliving the 80's and 90's.

Shows and Cabarets in Benidorm

Benidorm Palace

The king of cabaret spots in Benidorm is the Benidorm Palace.  It has a massive capacity and, I have to say, the entertainment when I went was surprisingly good.  The show lasts about 2 hours and there is very good waiter service and the drinks are not much more than any you’d find in Benidorm. I’m not sure what the food is like but it looked ‘ok’ but it is basic – enough to feed yourself but not to delight your pallet.

I’d say it is worth going to Benidorm Palace if you are on a two week holiday.  It would suit families with older teens or older grandparents so a great family night out.

Rockerfellas has been rated quite highly and brings in some good acts. The White Star is quite new and is to be found in the Ambassador Hotel.

Drag Bars in  Benidorm

Levi’s Show Bar, Rich Bitch and Kafee Klee are well known drag cabaret spots in Benidorm. Rich Bitch is probably the best show reflected by a small admission fee for entrance.  Others are free.

Something Different?

Fratellis is a good piano bar which can be nice to go along and relax to.   They do themed evenings and it might be good to see what they have on which suits you and your family or friends.

Karaoke Bars

Karaoke Bars In Benidorm

Karaoke can be a good night out especially for groups of friends and families trying to suit a night out for everyone from young Timmy to Aunty Doris.

I think the Karaoke you go to is made by the people you are with.  My ex-wife thought she was a brilliant singer and, alas, she wasn’t.  Things like that just add to the entertainment. I especially hate people who fancy themselves as the next Taylor Swift and are clearly not!

Karaoke can be found in a lot of bars who often have a Karaoke Night.  That said, bars that specialise in Karaoke can be found on the following map.

A Show In Every Bar

The fact is almost every bar in Benidorm, especially in the New Town of Benidorm, has entertainment.  Most acts are good.  If you don’t like them, just move on.

Cumberland BarAv. del Mediterráneo, 41, Benidorm, Spain

Don't You Want Me Baby?

Outback Aussie SportsbarAv. de Filipinas, 8, Benidorm, Spain

Don't it Make Your Brown Eyes Blue?

Piccadilly CornerCalle Gerona, 17

Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

Piccadilly KaraokeCalle Gerona, 49, Benidorm, Spain

Dancing Queen

Porky’s Pub KaraokeAv. de los Almendros, 9, Benidorm, Spain

The Green Green Grass of Home

Vincent’sAv. de los Almendros, 8, Benidorm, Spain

I Will Survive

Voices KaraokeCalle Gerona, 18, Benidorm, Spain

I Did it My Way.