Gay Pubs, Clubs and Fun in Benidorm

Benidorm has one of the best and biggest Gay scenes in Europe.  Not ‘showy’ like Sitges or ‘pricey’ like Mykonos.

Each year more and more gay people come back to Benidorm having made good friends in the years before.  Gay Benidorm is unpretentious, it is safe, it caters for all tastes and, above all, it is friendly.

The good thing about gay bars and clubs in Benidorm is that they are all in one main area, the Old Town, as our Map of Benidorm shows. The night doesn’t really start until about 10pm and the serious clubbing is well after midnight. There are some day time cafes for Gay men to meet – check the listing.

Use this page to find out where all the gay bars and clubs are in Benidorm.

Map of Gay Bars, Pubs and Clubs in Benidorm

BananasCarrer Sant Roc, 12, Benidorm, Spain

New to Benidorm, Banana's is a place with a difference.  I last saw these type of sex club in Australia.  There are no showers, just cabins and toilets plus a darkroom. Glory holes everywhere. Fixed fee for the whole day so you can come and go.  Suspect it might be successful filling a day time need.  Air conditioned and clean too.

Bar CodeCarrer d'Alacant, 8, Benidorm, Spain

A smart mixed gay bar right in the heart of Benidorm gay village. Cant miss it - it has lots of stripes on the walls and blue lighting.  Nice hosts and a very friendly dog - free strokes here!

Bar DominoCalle José Martinez Oriola, 15, Benidorm, Spain

Nice relaxed bar, small and one for earlier perhaps. I'd say it was more 'gay friendly' than exclusively gay but stand to be corrected.  Another bar with WiFi and games and things to amuse.

Bears BarCarrer de Santa Faç, 12, Benidorm, Spain

Large gay bears bar. As the name suggests, attracts the Bear crowd and bear lovers too. For guys looking for this place please note it has moved from its former location. It is now on the same small alley way that Eagle Bar is on.  The new location is a little smaller but has obviously been updated.  

Brief EncounterCarrer de Santa Faç, 21, Benidorm, Spain

Brief Encounter is a popular bar smack in the middle of the gay area. It is relatively new and probably the easiest bar to find in the Gay Village of Benidorm. A good place to start your night.  Lovely chap called Trevor works there. Prices reasonable, video scenes, small toilet.

Carrer Sant Vicent 17Plaça de Constitució, Benidorm, Spain

Nice and relaxed with an outside area to watch all the crowds go by and 'man' spotting as this is close to the main gay village. Free wifi helps as does the cheaper beer (than the nearby bars) and sports on TV.

Casper'sTravesía San Miguel, 6, Benidorm, Spain

Not many places to go to in the day for the Gay crowd so this small cafe fits the bill well.  Good quality but simple food and good way to pass time in the day and evening.

Company BarTravesía San Miguel, 16, Benidorm, Spain

Changed hands recently. Quite small inside but room outside on tables.  Place for earlier drink. Older crowd.  New owners might take it in a different direction.  Mostly daddies and older chaps. Very relaxed but can be very hot in high season - but then many places in the Old Town.

Destiny Bar - Out BarCarrer Sant Vicent, 17, Benidorm, Spain

Relatively new bar in the gay village.  Finding its feet but that means lots of new ideas and special nights.  I'd check it out if you pass and see what's on.

Diva DivoCarrer d'Alacant, 11, Benidorm, Spain

A good alternative to some of the better known bars and very nice bar staff who will take the time to talk to you if its not too busy.  Reasonable prices.

DYMK BenidormCarrer d'Alacant, 12, Benidorm, Spain

Quite a fun lighthearted place with acts and bright atmosphere.  Mixed crown, quite a few younger. Something a little different and worth a visit, next to Mercury

Eagle BarCarrer de Santa Faç, 5, Benidorm, Spain

Really nice place run by some nice guys.  Long Bar, dancing and a small cruising area to the back.  

El PapagayoCarrer de Santa Faç, 31, Benidorm, Spain

Bar El Papagayo is run by two wonderful Dutch men who are very welcoming.  Often find both Dutch and English there.  The bar is quite big inside (compared to other Gay bars) and there are seats both at the bar and in the room.  Outside the Papagayo 

El SofaCalle la Parra, 5, Benidorm, Spain

Combination porn cinema and cruising club with a number of areas to play.  Like Banana's, a good place to play in the day.

H2O SaunaCalle de Tomás Ortuño 46

Traditional gay sauna with all the facilities - only one in Benidorm.  Fully set up and very professionally run.  As good as any visited in the UK.

Kafee KleeCalle Pal, 9, Benidorm, Spain

Good place to start the evening.  Drag acts (quite caustic - beware).  Mixed crowd and quite a few straight women to early on.  Gets busy, lots of tables outside too.

LoversCtra. Quatre Cantons, 3, Benidorm, Spain

A great place to have a stiff drink and be entertained by the mixed and sometimes youthful crowd and the video screens which are everywhere.  Great bar staff.  Dark room and areas out the back. Not sure about the free nuts though…

MercuryCarrer d'Alacant, 10, Benidorm, Spain

Great disco bar popular with large cross section of Gay visitors and (younger) Benidorm residents.  Key attractions are good music, good prices, up stairs cruising area and Valantin, the sexy straight Manager!

Mind The GapCarrer d'Alacant, 18, Benidorm, Spain

Cocktail bar with a relaxed atmosphere which has recently been updated after changing its name from 7th Heaven.

Oliver's BarPlaça de Constitució, Benidorm, Spain

Old fashioned 'pub' type bar situated on a busy square opposite Tapas Ally.  A good meeting place.

People BarCarrer de Santa Faç, 29, Benidorm, Spain

Good disco attracting quite a few young as well as the 'usual' crowd.  Popular with Spanish men too.  Upstairs cruising 

Refuel Café BarCalle San Pedro, 3, Benidorm, Spain

Really pleasant place to have lunch or a snack as well as a beer or two in the daytime. A good meeting place for you and your friends after the 'night before!' 

Rich BitchCalle Pal, 4, Benidorm, Spain

Show bar with drag acts and performances, rated much higher than free venues.  5 Euro entrance.  Good reputation but I suspect hen parties may frequent.

Royal Queens BarPlaça de Constitució, Benidorm, Spain

Attached to the Queens Hotel, this is a pleasant bar, with a nice outdoor area on a busy square very close to the gay area.

SensationsCarrer d'Alacant, 41, Benidorm, Spain

Sensations has a nice atmosphere with Diva pictures everywhere - there's a surprise in the toilet too.  Popular place.

Spirit BarCtra. Quatre Cantons, 9, Benidorm, Spain

Gay bar in the old town. Run by a couple of chaps who keep the party atmosphere going.

David, Chester UK

I was expecting rough, tacky and shoddy in Benidorm, I got sun, friends, good times and the Gay bars, being all together, a stunning night life.

David, Chester UK
Anthony, Halifax, UK

I’ve been going to Gay Benidorm for a number of years.  Each year more people join us because once you’ve been, you can’t stop talking about how great Gay Benidorm is.

Anthony, Halifax, UK
Daniel, NY, USA

Had a great time, I went with my gay friends and what stunned me was how friendly everyone was.  Its like a party every night if you want, brilliant restaurants and some of the best beaches in the world. Not my pic!

Daniel, NY, USA

10 Reasons to Go to Benidorm Pride

Benidorm Pride is relatively new to the ‘Pride’ world but its growth has been phenomenal with 2016 boasting some 15,000 visitors, up from 10,000 in 2015. Why so popular?  Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Benidorm Pride in 2017 from 4th to 10th of November:

  1. Warm – Benidorm is usually at about 28c in September.
  2. Unpretentious – Benidorm Gays are your sort of people, just like you and up for a good time.
  3. Party – Benidorm Pride is actually a succession of brilliant parties many of them free.
  4. Bars – Over 30 Gay pubs and clubs – all in the same area – welcome everyone and there’s a bar to suit ALL tastes.
  5. Booze – Benidorm is competitive and that means you can get really cheap drinks.
  6. Men – Benidorm is one of the biggest destinations in Europe meaning not only thousands of Spanish men but men of all ages from most countries.
  7. Beaches – After a night of partying the massive Benidorm beaches (voted the cleanest in Europe) are great to relax and sunbath on.
  8. Friends – Each year 1000’s of people return having made friends not only in Pride week but at other times too – Benidorm has one of the biggest gay villages of any European Holiday spot.
  9. Safe – Benidorm is safe and you’ll have your Pride pals to look after you.
  10. Sex – If you want it, there’s more than enough of every type of man on offer.

What if you can’t make Pride?

Benidorm’s Gay scene buzzes practically all year and there’s always a lot going on.

In May 2016 Benidorm had its ‘Pink Weekend’ setting off the gun for Pride events all over the world.  As the name suggests, the theme is Pink and the Bars and Boys are more than up for a good weekend.