Where to Eat in Benidorm

Reviews of Restaurants in Benidorm – By Type of Restaurant.

You’ll find edited reviews of restaurants in Benidorm grouped together by style of restaurant, just click the buttons below, each page has a handy map showing you where each restaurant is.

‘The Top 10 Restaurants in Benidorm,’  has been added for people who want something a little special and like paying for fine dining.

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Spanish Dishes You’ll find in Benidorm

Paella In Benidorm

Paella originated in Valencia, Benidorm’s home region so you should be able to find a good example. Often people think that paella is only fish with rice but you can also get vegetarian and meat paella – usually chicken and pork – in Benidorm.

I have found that a lot of paellas served on beach bars on Lavante are of poor quality and, if you want a good example, go back a few streets and choose one which has a lot of Spanish people in.  The Aitona on Avenida Ruzafa is quite good and don’t be put off by the big plastic sign of a 3D paella.

There’s a lot of very good Spanish reviews of El Nino on Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa although it’s a long way back in Benidorm. Also the Eolo over on Calle Santander behind Poniente beach has a lot of Spanish fans.

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