British Bars, Cafes and Pubs in Benidorm

Benidorm is very well served with British bars, pubs and cafes.  Many are run by couples and you’ll find most of them near the hotels and apartments popular with British visitors. Mostly they serve basic but hearty food, cheaper beer and offer something which is hard to bottle – good cheer and a big welcome – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The Great British Breakfast

By far the most popular dish – at any time of the day – is the Great British Breakfast (GBB). It is amazing how many people comment on breakfasts at bars and pubs run by British people and the one nearest the place they are staying often has the ‘best’ GBB in Benidorm! more

British Bars, cafes and pubs in Benidorm

List of British Bars, Cafes and Pubs in Benidorm

Seven Stars Calle Asturias 5 Just around the corner from my house, I've been here a few times. Not sure I'd eat there but from looking at other people eating the British food looked ok. More of a sports bar with a few screens. A little bit messy I think.
Charly's Pub Av. Armada Espa–ola, 17 A very typical British bar serving basic food, Charley's Pub (may have been called Raffles?) trades on repeat business and cheap prices.
Friends Beach Avenida Armada Espanola 3 Whenever I look at this cafe's frontage, I think about the copyright lawyers coming from the USA to shut 'Friends' down. (Not a legal opinion by the way!) Just one of many along a line overlooking the beach. Maybe the name and logo helps?
The Coach and Horses Calle San Pedro 26 Nothing faintly Spanish about this place as the name may well suggest. The Coach and Horses does what you'd expect from a British bar on the Costa Blanca so if you fancy a fry up and it is near then go. Quite near the Poniente Beach - close to the Old Town.
Jarrow Lad Calle San Pedro A little cafe right next to beach. If you're hungry and near, go, if not, not sure why you'd travel to it.
Harbour View Calle San Pedro Reasonably priced British bar and restaurant. Supposedly good steaks. Biggest asset, the view of the beach.
Danny's Bar Avenida Espanola, 10 Typical British Bar, one of many on this end of Poniente Beach so Danny's has a good view as well. A day time place which is close to the Beni Beach which helps with customers I'm sure.
Refuel Cafe Bar Calle San Pedro 10 One of the few 'gay' places to eat in the day time. Always find good company there and make friends, especially if you are gay. Good service.
Cafe Michael Calle Santa Faz 23 British breakfasts mentioned a lot. However, a cafe like one of many really.
Diferente, Calle Tomas Ortuno, 11 Interesting place this. The Difference is a bar boasting 100 different types of beers. Quite new I think so not much track record. I'll have to go and try all their beers soon! Not exactly British but quite a few will visit I'm sure.
Collier's Bar Calle San Miguel 8 British Bar/Pub, even got a Darts board.
Caspers Bar Bistro Calle San Miguel 6 Another British cafe bar. Quite a few people say how strong the drinks are so if you are near and want MORE alcohol than other bars maybe go there. Breakfasts featured in reviews.
Gins & Tonics Calle Alameda, 14 One of those places you drop in for a drink - guess what they specialise in?
Pig 'N' Whistle Calle Pal 5 If you have been to a Pig N Whistle in the UK you'll know what to expect.
Jonny's Cocktail Bar Calle Martinez Alejos, 16 This is one of those places where location, location, location really helps. On one of the busiest strips in Benidorm you just sit at and I'm not sure you'll even remember the name. That said, I've had a few cocktails here and they were lovely and reasonably priced. Not sure I'd eat here other than a quick bite.
Scoobys Avenida Alcoi 2 Scooby's is a British cafe and you'll get what you expect - good breakfasts and nice snacks. A pop by if it is near sort of place.
Sidebar Avenida Alcoy 2 British Bar just up the ally from the Beach. Run by a welcoming couple.
Moon Beach Club Avinguda Alcoi 6 I often go to the Moon Beach after spending time sunbathing on Levante. I like the cocktails and there are light snacks like Burgers. Quite nicely different to other bars along the Avenue Alcoi. Good styling and it feels a little bit 'posher.'
The Robin Hood Plaza Hispanidad 2 British food and good for families with kids as it doesn't bleed the bank. If it's close and you are hungry and not fussed, go there.
The Crown Via Emilio Ortuno 22b Guess what, people say they have great breakfasts! I'm pretty sure everyone's nearest and most convenient British cafe bar has the best breakfasts.
Castaways Carrer de Finestrat Cheap, cheerful British run with great breakfasts - like many others. If it is near then pop if it suits you.
St Jame's Bar Tavern Carrer de Finestrat, 3 Good cheap beer and a few dishes cooked on the premises. Good to watch Sky sports events
The Castle Inn Carrer Finestrat, 3 Big brash, loud, cheap but friendly British pub.
Jimmy's Red Lion Calle Finestrat 3 Nice basic British food I'd say. It's a cafe, been told the food is ok. Good to go if it is near.
The White Lion Avinguda Alcoi 10 The White Lion on the beach at Alcoi 10 has made the most of the space it takes up. The big terrace at the front is joined by a generous beer garden at the back and an upstairs patio with good views (although space is limited). Charge a bit higher prices for its location but pleasant enough. Bar snacks and simple meals.
The Union Jack Avenida de Amettla del Mar, 29 British Bar. Lots of comments about breakfasts but looks like it has a few issues on service when busy.
O'Maras pub Carrer dels Quatre Cantons, 9 I've had the best sausage in Benidorm at this place. I judge all 'English' breakfasts on one thing - how good is the sausage? Too many places cut costs by getting horrible fatty sausages but not O'maras. Really nice people run this place.
The Grand National Av. de'l Ametlla This is a British pub with a big sign in the front that says 'pies,' Big portions, near beach, cheap beer. Nowt else.
BBs Bar Calle Jean A British bar good for a cheap pint. Recognise it by a picture of a bumble bee. By all accounts very pleasant owners.
Carousel Calle de Lepanto, British Bar often doing Karaoke. One of those places people 'adopt', the Carousel seems friendly enough.
Rendezvous Avinida de murcia Small British bar down one of the side alleys . Friendly enough.
The Geordie Bar Tat Avenida Ametlla Del Mar Not sure about the name but maybe it is to draw people from the North East in. Cheap drinks and snacky type food.
Foley's Bar Av dr Severo Ochoa Cheap and catering to Brits and those Brits who live in Benidorm. Maybe a little shabby?
New Penny Juan Fuster Zaragosa, 35 The New Penny is a British bar with hearty snacks and food. A place most often adopted by those British holidaymakers nearby.
Rosie's Calle Ibiza ,Local 7, Rosie's is a British cafe which serves Breakfasts etc. I wonder if it is run by Rosie?
Sabor Avenida Juan Fuster Zaragoza, Local 6 Reasonably priced British restaurant serving home made favourites; Sunday lunch, barbecue etc.
Brogans C.C. Vilanova, Local 10, Typical British cafe bar owned and operated by a hardworking couple who know how to be friendly and welcoming. Basic food but OK. Inexpensive.
Sherry's Bar and Restaurant Plaza de la Senoria, 5 A little bar people tend to 'adopt' when they come here looking for a familiar British menu and drinks. Has entertainment too.
Bodhran Irish Bar Av. Dr. Orts Llorca, s/n Very heavily branded as an Irish bar this pub gets a lot of Irish in there. Not sure I've met many Irish people working there thought. I like the Guinness Bar around the corner, has better views but is slightly more expensive.
Terrace Bar Avenue Murcia A standard British bar which serves Breakfast run by nice people. If it's on your doorstep then try it.
Neptune's bar Calle Gerona 6 More of a cafe than a restaurant but the Neptune's bar on Calle Gerona really specialises in drinks and brings the customers in by tribute acts at night. Very British. Kids like the 'build a burger' choice.
Monroe's Carvery Avenida Europa 11 Carvery style, Monroe's seem to attract people who want a taste of home. Not sure why this meshes with pictures of Maralyn Monroe or why the name was chosen at all. Known for Sunday Roasts.
Bourbon's bar Calle Gerona, 18 British (Welsh) bar with focus on sport and live matches.
Tiki City Calle Gerona, 19 Bold and British with a cocktail twist covered in music and populated by lots of very happy holiday makers. The Tiki City is British Benidorm through and through. Good cocktails and good prices too. Not a place for a quiet drink
Jumping Jacks Calle Gerona 17 Plastic chairs (and a few metal ones) big brash signs saying how cheap it is. Basic British bar. Suspect you might pop in if it was really close to where you're staying.
Helen's Tartan Shamrock Calle Lepanto, 14 Recently done up and revamped, The Tartan Shamrock name is now subservient to 'Helen's' down on Calle Lepanto. This place has stood the test of time and attracts Scottish. Helen herself is the major attraction and this little bar has a loyal following of repeat Benidorm holidaymakers. English people, it is rumored, are also allowed in!
Dave's Chippy Avenida Cuenca 12 Chippy.
Bar Titanic Avenida Cuenca 23 If you are at this ent of town and fancy a pint and a burger then the Titanic will go down quite well (pardon the pun).
Dexter's Avenida Cuenca 28 Dextor's Family Pub is a little way out so probably one for holiday makers who are staying close by. Think it has recently be re-opened. Live sport.
Ibrox Bar Calle Lepanto,20 Ranger' fans paradise. I've drunk here a few times and find myself trying to put on a Scottish accent to fit in. Fun, cheap, football on TV - the boys love this place.
The Queen Vic Calle Gerona, 26 I'm not sure Queen Victoria would have approved about being called "Vic'" but I guess she's dead so it doesn't matter. This place has a good reputation for Karaoke, making kids welcome and a good cup of tea. I think there's a new owner of the Vic' so not sure how the food has changed.
Cayman Avenida Madrid 13 Apparently the only good thing the Caymen has going for it is the location as the food is average but the service and the staff not appreciated at all by nationalities of all sorts making reviews in many different sites on the internet.
The Winning Post, Calle Gerona The Winning Post is a largish British Bar/pub with British food - which means chunky chips I suppose.
John & Joseph's Calle Gerona Cheap is mentioned a lot in relation to this place so if you're after a snack, breakfast or a pint and this place is near then no reason why not pop in.
Copacabana Avenida Madrid N 16 Copacabana on Levante is one of those big drinking places often crowded in the day by British people getting sunburned and drunk. Ok. I have been there and if there's a group of you it can be fun.
The Sun Calle Lepanto 17 Another British bar or maybe Irish as it boasts a great pint of Guinness
Sgt Peppers Avenida Filipinas, 1 Tucked away a bit so hard to find, if you want to find it. Has quite a wide menu and there are tex mex options and some pretty good looking steaks on offer. Quite a good place if you fancy meat which is well cooked and char grilled in some cases. Quite clean decor inside and out.
Corky's Penny Farthing Calle Derramador If it's near and you're after British food go. Need to find out more about this place.
Uncle Ped's Ave Derramador, 41 White plastic, cheap beer. Not sure about the name really.
The Four Kings Avenida Mediterraneo 43 British bar - guess what - everyone says "Brilliant Breakfasts"
Western Saloon Calle Gerona 39 British Benidorm - loud and friendly pub with lots of entertainment at night. Pub grub really.
Flash Bar Avenida Derramador 2 A bar good for drinking and people watching. They have 'acts' on and I often find this attracts older (in mind) people. Nothing special, nothing bad. 'Flash Bar' is a bit misleading in my opinion.
Bikini Beach Bar Avenida Madrid 32 Cocktails and watching people as they walk past a very busy section of Levante Beach. Happy Hour from about 5-7 (hours vary) seems like a good idea to some. Music and entertainment later on.
Rica's Beach Bar Avenida Madrid 34 I love the combination of styles in Benidorm. Rica's is a Dutch/Spanish bar right on the beach. Has a pool table and lots of space. Bright, friendly and run with enthusiasm. Not long open I think? Quite a lot of Dutch dishes.
Bryan's Factory Avenida Mediterraneo 63 Bryans is actually in the small alley off Av. Mediterranean and has quite a big seating area. Hard to pinpoint what style this place is but very inexpensive drinks and snacks really.
Gallowgate Bar Av. Juan Fuster Zaragoza, 3 One of many British Bars, this one has a little bit of an edge with a large off street sunny terrace. Cafe food.
The Clipper Avenida Ametlla De Mar Cheap beer and a limited but cheap menu suited to British
The Plaza Vincents Avenida Estocolmo 5 British Bar often adopted by local holidaymakers happy with cheap prices. Snacks not meals I'd say.
The Tavern Music Pub Calle Zamora No 1 The Tavern is a British pub. Sit inside and you could be in a pub in any average town in Britain. Cleverly, they've concentrated on entertainment like karaoke, live entertainment and the like. Cheap basic food, a great place to let your hair down.
Stretford End Calle de Londres, 4 Cheap beer and food for Manchester United Fans from all over the world. Even a few people from Manchester go here.
Levi's Showboat Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa 7 People go here for the drag acts, not the food.
Big Ben Bar Calle Londres I think this has recently changed owners so good luck to the new people who run the Big Ben Bar on Calle Londres. Like many, a local cheap watering hole with some good snacks.
The Drop Inn Calle Londres I did Drop In once to this place. A little dingy and jaded for my taste.
Queen Mary Av de Estocolmo The Queen Mary is a British pub, a bit out of the way, a watering hole with snacks really.
The Peppermill Benidorm Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa 48 A little bit out on a limb and not a destination restaurant really. I think most of their business comes from the surrounding area - there are a lot of campsites nearby. Food OK but nothing special but plenty of it. Nice outside area underneath a canopy which I like.
Shary's Fish and Chips Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa Fish and Chips British style?
Yorkshire Pride Three Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa 34 An English pub in the Med with 'lovely Sunday Roasts.' If that's your thing, go.