Indian Restaurants in Benidorm

The Spanish don’t really like very spicy food like the British do. To them, curry dishes are ‘No está bien’ – or not very good.  It is for this reason that the British actively search out for Indian Restaurants in Benidorm as our hot spicy trained tastebuds crave to be satisfied after a few too many Spanish dishes.

The Indian restaurants in Benidorm are not brilliant and you are unlikely to find one close to your favourite in the UK.  The India Gate is OK and there are a few more which, especially after a drink or two, will fit the bill.

If you are looking for Spanish food with a kick try anything with paprika and ask for it ‘picante muy picante’ which means hot, very hot.  ‘Caliente’ means hot as in high temperature.

The following is a list of Indian restaurants in Benidorm.  If you fancy other forms of Spicy food, try the few Thai and Mexican themed restaurants which are listed separately, just click here.

List of Indian Restaurants in Benidorm

Bollywood International Indian RestaurantCalle Lepanto, 22, Benidorm, Spain

Cheerful and bright, the Bollywood Indian seems to be a newer, more 'with it' Indian in Benidorm. Good reviews but is this because many people eat there so late after a jar or two? Apparently not. The location, close to Café Benidorm, might suggest inferior quality. Apparently not. Lol

Clay OvenCalle Lepanto, 21, Benidorm, Spain

Mixed reviews here. The food seems to get a good rating but the service and generally efficiency and tidiness is often mentioned in various reviews and review sites.

Curry LeafCalle de Berlín, 1, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain

This place looks a lot better inside than many other Indian restaurants in Benidorm but I'm not sure it is one of the best. Also I've seen reports of indifferent and weak curries.

Eastern Spices IndianAv. Ametlla de Mar, 17, Benidorm, Spain

An Indian where location might matter more than anything. Very plain interior and traditional Indian food. Also do Kebabs.

India GateCalle Gerona, 2/14, Benidorm, Spain

I've eaten here but, looking at quite a few places, this might just be the best Indian in Benidorm. Traditional British Indian restaurant! If you're wanting a change from Spanish food or big British Breakfasts then I'd go here. Can get cheaper, but price might be equal to quality here.

Kebabish MasalaAvinguda Ametlla de Mar, 19, Benidorm, Spain

Average Indian café/restaurant with big take away section.

Mumtaz Curry HouseAvenida de Cuenca, 41, Benidorm, Spain

Cheap curry house. Not my type of thing - more like one of those places you really don't care what they look like very late at night when you've had a few. Has pictures of the food with prices, sure you get the picture.

Nepali Tandoori HouseCalle Lepanto, 21, Benidorm, Spain

Nice looking place with really well presented food. Situated right near the new town, this is a good place to go to if you fancy spice (of a food variety!)

NoirAv. del Mediterráneo, 23, Benidorm, Spain

I suspect this place might go quite well. The small bar is often overlooked but the hidden secret is its Indian dishes as well as the more expected fair. Nice if a group of you fancies a varied menu. Good cocktails and clean too. Good luck to this place.

SolotulaCalle Esperanto, 20, Benidorm, Spain

Modern, stylish and very well presented, Solotuda is what you would call a 'fusion' restaurant. Imaginative and interesting dishes mixed with Mediterranean, this restaurant is a real hit with the Spanish and I only hope British people start to discover it soon. Above average price but a very above average restaurant. Nice wines 

Spice of LifeAvinguda Doctor Orts Llorca, 11, Benidorm, Spain

Review of reviews give this a good write up with a lot of people saying it is just like home! Interesting to read reviewers who are Spanish, not sure they like it so much, definitely a British Indian!

Taj MahalAv. Ametlla de Mar, 12, Benidorm, Spain

Reasonable Indian takeaway.

Indian Restaurants – Bad for your Beach Body?

If you fancy a Indian Curry before or even when you get to Benidorm to show off your Beach Body then you might want to think of how much the spicy dish of your choice can add to your calorie and fat intake.

Munching On a Poppadum?

Most Indian restaurants will serve up a plate of poppadoms whilst you are waiting. This is the bit of the meal where you are most hungry and those wafer thin flour crispies could have a dramatic impact on your weight.

Let’s say you have two poppadum’s helping yourself to the mango chutney and lime pickle it comes with.  Conservatively that could amount to an amazing 500 calories – not surprising since there 60 calories in one teaspoon of mango chutney and even more for lime pickle, 70 calories per teaspoon.  If you also have an Onion Bhaji that’s another 190 calories.  The Meat Samosa is 360 calories and a whopping 17g of fat.

Your Main Course – the Killer Korma Curry

Typically the Chicken Korma Curry is the heavyweight of the Indian Restaurant with anything from 800 to 1000 calories without any rice and 71g of fat. Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Curry, Lamb Rogan Josh and Lamb Kheemaeach have about 600 calories and 30 – 50g of fat (the top being the Tikka). more
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