Japanese, Thai, Greek, Mexican and Other Styles of Restaurant in Benidorm

Whilst I’ve tried to give opinions and edited reviews on overall styles of restaurants, there are other types of food to be found in Benidorm.

I’d give it a year or two and we’ll definitely see more Thai restaurants in Benidorm joining the ‘Jindeeka’ and ‘Sherpa’ which have recently appeared. I could only find one Greek restaurant, the ‘Philippopolis’ although I do know there’s a great Greek restaurant in Altea nearby.

‘There are a few more Sushi cafes open and ones like the ‘Japones Umai’ are very good. The cheaper fish available in the region means Sushi is quite inexpensive compared to the U.K.  The ‘TaloTako’ is an interesting new restaurant.  Opened just in the Tapas Zone, this restaurant fuses Spanish and Mexican dishes which means they are a little more spicy which British might like, we’ll see.

I’m always on the look out for fresh new restaurant themes and styles in Benidorm so if you find one, contact us and tell us more, thanks.

Different Types of Restaurant in Benidorm

Japanese, Thai, Mexican and Greek

El Sombrero LocoAv. de Filipinas, 3, Benidorm, Spain

The Sombrero Loco is one of a few Mexican restaurants in Benidorm and they've themed it well. The food is standard Mexican and the kids will love it because they could get a free hat made of newspaper! I hate this sort of thing - but I'm probably the exception. Could make a nice change.

Hawaii Sushi BarCarrer del Secretario Juan Antonio Baldovi, Benidorm, Spain

Not long open, the Hawaii Sushi bar makes passable Sushi. I liked it but my neighbours said they didn't really. Actually it isn't that expensive so if you are staying near the Gran Bali hotel give it a go if you feel like a change.

Japones UmaiAvenida del Mediterráneo, 13, Benidorm, Spain

You might miss the Japones Umai as it is within the Belroy Hotel Building. Bright, modern and very tasty sushi and Japanese food. A nice difference and very good quality.

JindeekaCalle Gerona, 3, Benidorm, Spain

I think a Thai restaurant like the Jindeeka will do well in Benidorm as there aren't many about so good luck to the new owners of this new restaurant. Looking in the other day and speaking to diners - all good!  Try it.

Oku Sushi TeppanyakiCalle Esperanto, 7, Benidorm, Spain

Not many Japanese Sushi Bars in Benidorm so the Oku seems to have a difference given there are nearly 1000 restaurants in Benidorm! The sushi compared to UK prices is very reasonable and their 'buffet' style service means you can eat as much as you want (actually there are limitations but how much raw fish do you want?). Think they top up their income on quite expensive drinks.

PhilippopolisCalle de Tomás Ortuño, 85, Benidorm, Spain

You can't miss the Philippopolis restaurant on the Calle Tomas Ortuno as it has unmistakable greek signage and blue and white colour scheme.  Good Greek food and a nice change.

SherpaCarrer Sant Roc, 11, Benidorm, Spain

I think the Sherpa is a fairly new Thai restaurant showing the growing popularity and demand for this style of food. Probably too early to tell how good it is but maybe worth a try.

SolotulaCalle Esperanto, 20, Benidorm, Spain

Modern, stylish and very well presented, Solotuda is what you would call a 'fusion' restaurant. Imaginative and interesting dishes mixed with Mediterranean, this restaurant is a real hit with the Spanish and I only hope British people start to discover it soon. Above average price but a very above average restaurant. Nice wines too.

TaloTakoCalle Santo Domingo, 8, Benidorm, Spain

The Talo Tako is a sign of changing times in Tapas area of Benidorm, Tapas Alley, where they've fused Mexican and Spanish Tapas. Mixed reviews but early days yet. Let's see if this bright and cheerful addition to Benidorm thrives.

What is the Difference between Thai and Chinese Food?

Thai food is generally healthier than Chinese.  That’s because Thai food has:

  • Less oil
  • Combine spicy, sweet, sour and salty ingredients in one dish.
  • Use only fresh ingredients such as onion, basil leaves, lemon grass or mint leaves.
  • Use chili paste or dry chili – a spice that appeals to British taste buds used to ‘Indian’ dishes.
  • Include other sauces based on ingredients such as coconut oil and fish sauce.

Thai Food Translated

You might wonder why I’ve gone to the bother of detailing the following Thai food translation table but, to be honest, I realised that I don’t know enough about ‘what is what’ on a Thai menu so here goes:

...read more