Italian and Pizza Restaurants in Benidorm

Benidorm, like most towns, has a number of Pizza and Italian restaurants.  You can buy anything from slice for a few Euros to a full blown Italian meal good for couples, families or groups of friends.

There’s a couple I’d shout out if you want a good quality Italian with lots of antipasta dishes and pasta as well as the faithful pizza. The ‘Duetto’ is worth a visit and not too expensive – particularly for their very big pizzas.  I’d go to ‘La Luna’ for Pasta but that is right near the end of Poniente and set back a few streets. The ‘Mandolino Beach’ is one of the most authentic Italians and is run by Italians and Italian visitors eat there. The ‘Pizzeria L’Originale’ is rated by a lot of people but I found it a bit wanting in service and uncoordinated – maybe I went on a bad day? more

Italian and Pizza Restaurants in Benidorm

Al TerrazzoCarretera Bon Retiro, 8, Benidorm, Spain

A few mixed reviews about this Italian. The Terrazzo needs to up its game maybe in a town full of competition.

Authentic PizzeriaCalle Gerona, 11, Benidorm, Spain

Not sure how long this has been opened. Some comments from people about good food and lovely pizzas. Some service issues but let's see over time.

Bistro VenexiaCalle la Palma, 30, Benidorm, Spain

Lots of reviews about how 'authentic' it is and the fact that the owner and chefs make time to talk you through a menu. Looks nice too

Casa GuillermoCalle Santander, 22, Benidorm, Spain

Another restaurant close to my home in Benidorm, I've popped in here a few times and really enjoyed it. There is loads of space and Guillermo's is well run and clean. Good staff and good Italian cooking make this a place to go and find. Very popular with Spanish tourists

Casa JanAv. de Estocolmo, 15, Benidorm, Spain

Low prices and generous portions, Casa Jan is a small pizza place. Probably a 'pop in' place if it is near and you suddenly fancy pizza.

DuettoCalle Londres, 4, Benidorm, Spain

Doesn't have any bad reviews, always a good sign! Often mentioned are their very large pizzas.

DuomoCarrer d'Alacant, 6, Benidorm, Spain

I like this place because it has a nice feel about it and is quite calm albeit a little hard to find. The food is authentic Italian and the pasta dishes are really very good… lots of choice too. Warm atmosphere and staff.

El ItalianoPlaza Hispanidad, 3, Benidorm, Spain

Big pizza place which is quite nice inside. I think you won't be disappointed but, equally, you won't be 'wowed' either . If you fancy a pizza and you are close by, then you may as well go here. Read the reviews of other Pizza restaurants in Benidorm if you really want to find the best ones.

GaribaldiAv. del Mediterráneo, 44, Benidorm, Spain

The Garibaldi Pizza restaurant serves Gluten Free options which I know can attract a lot of families where one of their group has a wheat intolerance. Other than that, well cooked pizzas etc. It can suffer on service in busy times.

Italian GardenCalle Lepanto, 21, Benidorm, Spain

Although on quite a busy road, the large outside area has a fence/barrier all around it so allows you to sit outside with kids and get a bit of fresh air. I'd say average to good food and not too expensive. Service can suffer at really busy times.

Italian Twist Bar BistroCarrer Sant Vicent, 14, Benidorm, Spain

Small Italian bistro with quite modern styling. Run by two nice chaps who seem to put a lot into service and welcoming people - just as it should be. Some reports of it getting a little warm in there.

La Cas CantonieriaCarrer Sant Roc, 11, Benidorm, Spain

Mixed reports about the Cantonieria. Mostly service based so it may be because they get busy, to be updated further.

La PastaCarretera Bon Retiro, 4, Benidorm, Spain

Tiny tiny pasta place - all freshly made on the premises. Lovely staff but don't go in a big group!

La TarantellaCalle Gerona, 1, Benidorm, Spain

Not a great Italian according to a few Spanish and European visitors. Another restaurant suffering from bad service.

Llevatelo PizzasAvenida de los Almendros, 11, Benidorm, Spain

Simple and cheap pizzas. This place has been going for a long time. Tends to be popular with locals.

Luna Rossa PizzeriaAvenida Montbenidorm, 5, Benidorm, Spain

This is not too far from my house in Benidorm and I've visited there a few times, often alone when I was out on business etc. I would absolutely recommend La Luna. The pasta is really, really fresh and their home prepared ravioli is a favourite of mine. You can sit inside or out if you are a smoker. I think La Luna is often passed by, don't.

Mandolino BeachCarrer Metge en Cosme Bayona, 6, Benidorm, Spain

Another restaurant where you need to see what nationalities eat there. This is very popular with Italian visitors and it is an Italian run restaurant. Whist Italian and British tastes often converge, they don't always match so pick your dishes carefully. The food is, in my opinion, very good! Nice views and good for people watching.

Napoles PizzeriaAvenida Madrid 26

Tucked out of the way at the far end of Levante beach, Napoles is up a small alley way from the beach. This means the seating area is quite quiet but there's still some people watching to do. Generally well regarded and seems to be good for kids too, not overly expensive. Pizza, Pasta and Burgers cooked well.

Pinocchio PizzeriaAvinguda Alcoi, 12, Benidorm, Spain

Great location, good to watch people go by in this pizzeria which I'd say is slightly more popular with Spanish visitors who like the brighter lighting, modern styling and ice-cream.

Pizzeria AvantiEsq. Cl. Coles Calle San Miguel 3, Benidorm

If you can get a table outside, this little Pizza place is quite good for people watching. The calzone I eat once (albeit a few years back) was lovely. Reasonable reviews, not sure I'd eat inside as this little alley way gets really hot at night in the summer.

Pizzeria Di MareCalle Santander, 12, Benidorm, Spain

The Di Mare is a good pizza place with good pasta too. Quite a nice location with eating inside and out under a canopy.

Pizzeria Dolce VittaCalle del Esperanto, 13, Benidorm, Spain

Nothing but praise on t'internet for this place. Very good quality and service all around it seems.

Pizzeria ItaliaCalle Lepanto, 14, Benidorm, Spain

Fast food Italian. Food on the move with the Italia Pizzeria on Lepanto,14

Pizzeria L'OriginaleCalle la Palma, 36, Benidorm, Spain

Another family run Italian where the difference is made by the owners and staff who care about food. Lots of comments about their pasta. To be honest, even though it has very good reviews, I found the service to be poor and unco-ordinated. A group of 12 of us all got our meals at different times; some being finished before others started! The head waiter refused us a menu as he wanted to explain the dishes to us!

Portus MassaiAvenida Vicente Llorca Alós, 22, Benidorm, Spain

Owing to the fact this restaurant is just down the road from my house in Spain, I have been to the Portus Massai quite a few times if only for convenience. I think the location is good and I quite like the styling. I think it is family run and there's a few comments about indifferent service from some waiters. Well, I wonder if this is because the lads get told off sometimes and become surely. I like the family dynamic. Nice burgers.

Spagetti HouseCalle la Palma, 7, Benidorm, Spain

Fast food Italian style, the Spaghetti House is more of a small shot than a house. Not a destination place, a food stop really.

SpassoPlaza del Torrejo, 1, Benidorm, Spain

Really nice to place to sit and eat and watch people go by. I'm afraid I use this place as my 'hangover' breakfast bar where I can get an Orange juice, big white coffee and toast in the morning for just a few Euros. The food at night is quite good and if you go later it is a brilliant place if you are a couple and just want to watch the world go by. Food OK but nothing really special but it isn't that expensive either. (By the way, Google says this is on a street behind the beach but it actually overlooks it.)

The Pizza FactoryAvenida Europa, 6, Benidorm, Spain

There are better pizza places in Benidorm but if you're close to this place and fancy a filling meal then pop in. When you look at Spanish reviews, they rate it higher so this might mean the toppings and style of pizza is slightly more to Spanish rather than British tastes.

Topo GiggioAv. del Mediterráneo, 9, Benidorm, Spain

Food is rated highly and it looks like it is a good and simple Pizza restaurant. Seems to have a few service issues from reading reviews found on various Spanish review sites. Interesting views on owners. No idea if its true but I'll check it out.

Torna a SorrentoAv. de Estocolmo, 48, Benidorm, Spain

The Sorrento is worth a peak inside its entrance which looks a little plain. They have a lovely terrace garden and the ambiance is nice. Sometimes it is nice to get off the street and eat in a nice calm environment. The food is good. Worth a try in my book.

Toscana PizzeriaCalle Gerona, 3, Benidorm, Spain

Another Pizza place where they cater for both English and Spanish visitors however the bright lights and the menu favours Spanish tastes I'd say. Not really sure how much meat is eaten, mainly pizza and pasta.

Va BeneAvenida Bilbao, 3, Benidorm, Spain

I like how clean this restaurant looks and the fact it isn't far off Levante beach. The place, being more modern and brightly lit will attract more Spanish people who seem to like it as do British holidaymakers. I think it’s a day time/early evening place not a destination restaurant. Might be wrong. Lots more Spanish styling to the Italian Food.

Va Bene PizzeriaAvenida Vicente Llorca Alós, 13, Benidorm, Spain

Right on the beach with a lovely view, the Va Bene pizzeria very much benefits from its location on Poniente Beach. Because of its location, the restaurant attracts a lot more Spanish than British. Not outstanding food by all accounts and many of the dishes made to the Spanish style (lots of Olive oil etc.).

10 Ways to spot a Great Pizza Restaurant

According to Italians, you can spot a good Pizza Restaurant if you see some or all of the following:

  1. Brick Oven.  The brick oven has a base which is seasoned over time and will create the perfect base – better than any modern oven.
  2. Tossers.  If you see the pizza dough being tossed then that’s a great sign that dough is made on the premises.
  3. Crust.  The outer edge of the pizza is called the cornicione. It should be crusty, not black and burned but deeper brown in colour.
  4. Cheese. The highest quality pizzas have mozzarella cheese which should stretch are you pick a piece out with strands right up to your mouth.  Today, other cheeses are used such as Pecorino, Romano, Ricotta, and Scamorza.
  5. Dry/Wet.  The ingredients should be moist but not wet and certainly not visibly wet – often a problem with seafood pizza toppings.
  6. Tomato. Benidorm and Valencia have tomatoes in abundance.  Signs of tinned tomato sauce? Avoid.
  7. Cooked toppings. Often Pizza restaurants in a rush will have toppings which are raw or at least not cooked.  Uncooked onions are a sign of a poor pizza.
  8. Shape.  Square pizzas are a no-no and indicate mass production.  Ok if its a few Euro for a snack but not acceptable for a sit down pizza.
  9. Pasta.  Good pizza restaurants will have good pasta dishes too.
  10. Italian waiting staff.  This might be a little hard in Benidorm as the colouring of Spanish and Italians could be said to be similar.
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