Spanish, Seafood and Mediterranean Restaurants in Benidorm

Something which often comes as a surprise to British visitors is the fact that they are in the minority in Benidorm.  Spanish visitors outnumber them by 3 to 1.  Benidorm has long been a favourite of Spanish city dwellers and many visit Benidorm from their homes in Madrid and other large cities.  A lot of Spanish people and families own a a second holiday home in Benidorm.

Spanish people are twice as likely to dine out than their Northern European cousins.  That means there is a very large and thriving restaurant community catering to their culinary desires.

Here you will find a map and list of Spanish restaurants in Benidorm.  You’ll also find restaurants who excel (or not!) at Seafood and Mediterranean dishes.  Note, there is a separate page on Tapas Ally and we have not included small or outlying Spanish restaurants.

Spanish, Seafood and Mediterrainian Restaurants

AitonaAv. de Ruzafa, 4, Benidorm, Spain

Can't miss this place as it has a giant paella dish in plastic outside serving as a sign for the restaurant. The Altona specialises in paella and by all accounts it does so well. The Spanish outnumber British here by 3 to 1 and that's a good sign if you want authentic Spanish food. Area is a bit busy and mostly inside dining.

AlhambraAvenida Doctor Severo Ochoa, 76-82, Benidorm, Spain

On the edges of Benidorm, the Alhambra restaurant is typically Spanish and serves good Spanish food with a few dishes which would appeal to the British in what is a very British area.

Bar Mal PasCalle Santa Faz, 50, Benidorm, Spain

Really Spanish place with a good reputation in the main. I'm not keen on the location and it's a bit too tucked away for my liking.

BelvedereCalle Esperanto, 1, Benidorm, Spain

The Belvedere is on the top of Hotel Madeira Central which means there are stunning views. I think it used to have a Michelin Star but not now (?) The Belvedere's specialist is the tasting menu where you get a chance to sample a lot of dishes in one go. Nicely presented and styled to a high standard, the Belvedere is certainly a destination restaurant. Nice for couples and smaller groups. Not really for kids in my opinion.

Chila Lounge BarCalle Actor Luis Prendes, 8, Benidorm, Spain

Have to confess, this is my local being on the hill behind my house in Benidorm so I might be a bit biased. The food is good but I go there because it has very nice seats, good internet, lovely staff and it is always busy but not packed. Opposite the Gran Bali, the Chila is a fine place especially for those staying at the massive hotel who want a bit of a relaxation.

Club NauticoPaseo Colón, 2, Benidorm, Spain

Overlooking the small harbour/port of Benidorm, this restaurant is a busy place which has a lot of seafood dishes and the Nautico attracts a lot of Spanish diners. To be honest, I think it is a bit expensive and a little too large really. Better places to eat fish in Benidorm and sometimes the views aren't as good as you think.

De Pata NegraCtra. Bon Retiro, 5, Benidorm, Spain

One of many Spanish restaurants with a few good comments on the Spanish review sites and some nice comments about the freshness of their food.

EguzkiAvenida de Ruzafa, 2, Benidorm, Spain

I like the inside of this place with its photos and memorabilia, sports memorabilia and rustic décor. Seems a few pass this by but the food is highly rated by Eguzki customers.

El BarrancoAv. Vicente Llorca Alós, 13, Benidorm, Spain

The Barranco on Poniente Beach is a very good quality restaurant serving very fresh seafood and fine Spanish dishes. The view is very good as the restaurant is raised above street level. Can be pricey compared to quantity.

El BuhoCalle Emilio Ortuño, 19, Madrid, Spain

The Buho (meaning Owl) is a Spanish restaurant slightly out of town with the advantage of parking if you are driving. Seems to be well thought of by Spanish.  They specialise in good seafood and fish.

El CastellPlaza Castelar, Benidorm, Spain

Location brings customers to El Castell right on the headland. The meal I'd say is average but you get the views and the people watching. Also, with so many crowded and busy restaurants in packed streets in the Old Town, a nice difference. Might be good for couples who need a distraction to fuel conversation.

El ChoqueroCalle Londres, 4, Benidorm, Spain

Whilst it has a Spanish air, El Choquero has quite a few dishes for many nationalities.

El CornerAvinguda Rei Jaume I, 12, Benidorm, Spain

Big, cheap, Spanish and English food. I'd say it was fast food and somewhere to feed yourself, not dine.

El DatilCalle de Berlín, 1, Benidorm, Spain

El Datil is a Spanish restaurant with good quality food served in a quaint old fashioned atmosphere (a little at odds with its new sign).

El MesonCalle Gerona, 1, Benidorm, Spain

El Meson is one of the few restaurants in Benidorm which looks Spanish, is Spanish and tastes Spanish - even the Spanish visitors agree, this is a top flight authentic Spanish Restaurant.

El NinoAvenida Doctor Severo Ochoa, 46, Benidorm, Spain

Well out of the main busy areas, this Spanish restaurant appeals to local residents and there's a lot of talk about the great Paella among Spanish internet contributors. Seems like it has restricted opening hours and, like a few Spanish places like this, advance orders for Paella sometime required. Quaint idea, modern looking place.

El PescaitoAv. de Uruguay, 6, Benidorm, Spain

El Pescaito is an out of the way Spanish restaurant. This is a lower priced Spanish restaurant where they do reasonably good paella and some good fish dishes.  Avoid red meat.

El Yantar D'AsturiesCalle Valencia, 1, Benidorm, Spain

This restaurant is quite close to the beach and does a nice selection of meats. Good value 'menu of the day'.

EoloCalle Santander, 16, Benidorm, Spain

The Eolo Is on the road behind the Gran Delphin so it is at the far end of Poniente Beach. Raised slightly from the road, I like this place because it is very well appointed with warm colouring, white table cloths and bright clean glass and cutlery. They excel at paella and all traditional Spanish dishes. A destination restaurant good for couples and small groups. Not really a kids place.

EsturionAv. de Panamá, 5, Benidorm, Spain

Athe Esturion is a very big Spanish restaurant with its own parking, a garden and a lot of tables. I reckon this is a mass eating place serving OK food. Good Spanish entertainment but I'd be surprised if any other nationalities eat here.

Freiduria Las GaviotasCalle Esperanto, 16, Benidorm, Spain

I ended up spending ages reading about this place on Spanish internet sites - I had to, this is a Spanish restaurant, loved by Spanish people. The fish courses are very good indeed and the menu has a lot of authentic and well cooked Spanish dishes. Gets busy.

Freiduria Los PecesCalle Goya, 39, Benidorm, Spain

Tucked away and out of the way, the 'Los Peces' (meaning the fish) specialises in fish dishes. You wont find many British people in Los Peces and if you go be prepared to try Spanish Lingo or have your pointing finger out for the menu. Another Spanish fish restaurant which is very highly rated on Spanish restaurant review sites. Not a very 'pretty' restaurant though.

IslaresCalle del Actor Luis Prendes, 15, Benidorm, Spain

Just down from my house in Benidorm, The Islares Restaurant is a very Spanish affair. I've had a few drunken sessions here, don't know why, I think their beer just may be a little stronger than else where! Opposite the Gran Bali, the prices are hiked a bit for the hotel visitors wanting a change. I'd go for anything with fish. Full Stop. I have to say the 'crispy chicken' was the worst meal I ever had in Benidorm. My daughter went another time and had the same thing. She agreed. Spanish food GREAT. Other cuisine not so. Has a cigarette machine.

J. ManuCalle la Palma, 15, Benidorm, Spain

It is worth going on the Spanish review sites when you are looking at going to a Spanish restaurant. Hardly any negative comments from our Spanish friends. However, what also comes out strong is how well the restaurant copes with all nationalities and how friendly the staff are. I went ages ago, reading about this restaurant has reminded me to return.

La BahiaAvenida Madrid, 19, Benidorm, Spain

The Bahia is quite a big restaurant smack bang in the idle of Levante beach. People watching whilst eating Spanish/Mediterranean food plus a great view makes for a good experience. Due to its location, mostly British Visitors.

La Bodeguita De SalvaCalle de Tomás Ortuño, 38, Benidorm, Spain

Inside this small Spanish restaurant, Le Bodeguita oozes authenticity. If you are a wine lover you'll also appreciate this restaurant as they know a thing or two about good red Spanish wines.

La CalitaCalle Santander, 2, Benidorm, Spain

A mixed menu in the Calita, raised from the street on a terrace seems to be well liked by mostly Spanish diners.

La CasitaCalle Marqués de Comillas, 37, Benidorm, Spain

The Casita is a reasonably priced Spanish restaurant. The inside is nice with its vaulted ceiling and open kitchen. I'd go here for a special meal as the ambiance if really very good and the food is to match.

La FaluaCalle Santander, 22, Benidorm, Spain

Just down from my house in Benidorm, La Falua is saved for special occasions - not least because it is a little pricey! Very popular with Spanish with more than a few Euro in their pocket, this is more like a city restaurant and it certainly makes a different dining experience from the usual restaurants around and about. The food is very, very good. Meat tends to be cooked to Spanish standards which British people may think is too raw for them so mention this when ordering. The food is well set out, the tables smart, the decor really stylish and this place can help calm you after more frenetic meals elsewhere. Small portions - posh food always is, isn't it?

La Gambita de BenidormCalle de Tomás Ortuño, 88, Benidorm, Spain

Unlikely to appeal to British tastes as this fishy restaurant is very much tailored to Spanish preferences with bright lights and stark furnishings. That said, looks like a good fish restaurant from a European and Spanish perspective.

La MejilloneraPaseo de la Carretera, 16, Benidorm, Spain

Tucked away up an alley, isn't that where 'little gems' are supposed to be found? Always seems busy and has a good reputation for fish and seafood dishes. Not enough room for gaggles of kids though.

La Posada Del MarPaseo Colón, 3, Benidorm, Spain

The Posada is very popular with Spanish but the menu is fine for all nationalities. The port side location allows lots of people watching. It gets busy and there can be a few issues with quick service.

La Rana38.535128301980606, -0.13088149018585682

Really easy to miss this place. It is in the Old Town but down a quiet cobbled street. Worth a visit though, especially if you don't like crowded streets whilst you eat. The brothers who run this (I think they are brothers?) keep standards high and service is good. I'd make an effort to go there if you don't want to walk too far and then go and enjoy yourself in one of the many straight and gay bars near by. Order something really Spanish, they do it all well.

La Sidreria EscondidaAv. de Ruzafa, 2, Benidorm, Spain

The Escondida is a pleasant little Spanish 'Sidreria' with above average food. Very authentically Spanish, I love the big arm on the bar which spills out cidre. Try their cider, it’s a nice difference.

La SurenaCalle de Tomás Ortuño, 5, Benidorm, Spain

Order at the bar and the Surena waiters will bring it out to you. They serve buckets of beer which is quite liked by many. Average food?

Las DunasAv. Madrid, 8, Benidorm, Spain

When I walk past this place I call it the 'Big Red' in my head, must be the broad red canopy with the Les Dunas sign at the end. A little bit bigger than many beach front places to eat, this restaurant has a wide selection and reasonable prices. A lot of Spanish but many dishes will appeal to British and other nationalities.

Llum del MarPlaça Sant Jaume, 1, Benidorm, Spain

The Llum del Mar right on the Headland in Benidorm is said to be one of the best restaurants in Benidorm. Within the 5 star Venetia Hotel, this restaurant has great views, lovely styling and a very special feel about it. This place is most certainly for couples. If you are celebrating a birthday, about to propose, wanting to impress or just want to dress up for a 'posh' night out then this is your place. The food is excellent but small portions might mean you have to go for a kebab later (lol). Take your wallet.

Los 7 PecadosCarrer Molí, 12, Benidorm, Spain

Los 7 Pecados - the seven sins - is a Tapas place which is well respected and when I've ducked in I have to say the food was so fresh and well prepared. Not big with British but they probably don't care as their Spanish customers seem to love the place. The wine is very nice from 'House' upward and so affordable. Nice place, not massively stylish but does it matter that much?

Los RanchosAvenida Madrid, 7, Benidorm, Spain

The Ranchos is on Levante Beach serving Spanish food and also a range of British/European dishes. Like many along here it has various offers to draw the customers in and you can get a good deal on a reasonable paella.

Marisqueria El puertoPaseo Colón, 1, Benidorm, Spain

Looks like a case of location wins with this restaurant. Every time I go by the Marisqueria it is busy as it is one of the best locations in Benidorm just by the Eliche Park / Dove Park. However, it seems to cause a lot of unhappiness among its many Spanish diners!

Mejilloneria MediterraneoAvenida Panamá, 1, Benidorm, Spain

I'd bet 97% of all people who go into this small Spanish café - rough translation "Muscles from the Mediterranean" are Spanish. I love this type of food and it’s a shame Spanish places like this look so uninviting to British as they serve really nice seafood.  The muscles are, indeed, very good indeed as are most seafood dishes.

Museo IbericusAvenida Armada Española, 21, Benidorm, Spain

Quite new to Benidorm, the Museo Ibericus is one of those restaurants you'd probably walk by but shouldn't. The inside is far more impressive than the outside which blends in with other cafes and bars along the mid section of Poniente beach. However, if you go inside it really impressive with hanging hams and nicely displayed wines - some very good as well. The food is what I'd call 'modern' Spanish with a fucus on good quality meats and cheeses.

Oh SolomilloAvenida Emilio Ortuño, 14, Benidorm, Spain

Some friends took me here not so long ago and I was seriously impressed. The ten of us had a big, well dressed, round table which was lovely when you are all talking across to each other. In actual fact we had the set menu of 4 courses which included fillet steak at 25 Euro. It was very good and I was impressed. Nice service, nice setting. Great place to go in my opinion.

Ongi EtorriAv. Armada Española, 19, Benidorm, Spain

Right on Poniente Beach, the Ongi Etorri looks a bit shabby in my opinion and the décor undoubtedly gives the British traveler the impression of café style food at best. However, persist and you'll find some very well priced and very authentic Spanish food. I like it.

Punto de SalPlaza del Torrejo, 3, Benidorm, Spain

This place has a good position and, if you choose the right table at Punto de Sal it can be quite a nice experience. The Mediterranean food is good but British people shouldn't expect British dishes done very well. I've looked around some Spanish sites and there seems to be errors on the bills quite a few times - check your's if you go. Service can be a little slow in the busy season.

Restaurante Casa ToniAvenida de Cuenca, 13, Benidorm, Spain

This restaurant seems to get a lot of authentically good reviews. Often mentioned are the high quality Spanish dishes and even steaks which, for a Spanish restaurant, is good. Staff are rated highly.

Restaurante Isla de BenidormCalle San Pedro, 26, Benidorm, Spain

A good solid Spanish restaurant and bar well reviewed by those with the Latin tongue. Has adapted over the years to offer British dishes which are fine but not outstanding. The Spanish food, especially seafood/fish dishes are great and much better.

Restaurante Marisquería CórdobaPasseig de la Carretera, 26, Benidorm, Spain

The Marisqueria Cordoba means the Cordoba (a Spanish city) fish restaurant. This place has so many great reviews if you read the Spanish review sites. A very good place to sample everything from the sea by all accounts. I'm going to take my Fish loving sister there when she comes to visit then I'll update this post.

Restaurante TaitaCalle Primavera, 8, Benidorm, Spain

This is a Spanish restaurant, which attracts a lot of Spanish people wanting really good Spanish food. If you are into authentic dining in the country you are visiting then I'd really recommend this super restaurant. If you want a steak, don't bother.

Rincon MurcianoCalle Valencia, 6, Benidorm, Spain

I remember I had to go to Benidorm from England in the winter and quite a few places shut. However this restaurant was open and almost full. The menu of the day is excellent value. Very, very popular with Spanish but, it's ok, they'll let British in too. A nice change and a good meal at good prices. 'Loud chatter' is one abiding memory.

Santa TeresaAvenida Armada Española, 17, Benidorm, Spain

I think the Santa Teresa was newly opened in 2016. Like many restaurants along this stretch of Poniente Beach, the main thing is the view and convenience of the café. Spanish but many dishes suited for British.

Sidreria El HorreoAv. Dr. Orts Llorca, 24, Benidorm, Spain

Quirky little place sort of sticks out as different from its neighbours. Lots more Spanish people go here and the restaurant seems to cater for them more then British. Decor is very old fashioned.

Sidreria El LlagarinAvinguda Alcoi, 2, Benidorm, Spain

The Llagarin is one of these places which British people pass by but Spanish rave about. Looking around the Spanish internet, I couldn't find a bad word said by the Spanish visitors to this place. I think the real point of this is that, if you are close and hungry, try it and see. I have and I loved it.

Taberna AndaluzaCalle Esperanto, 4, Benidorm, Spain

Off the beaten track as far as the usual restaurants, the Andalusia is a great Spanish restaurant and very popular with Spanish guests - more so than British. They have a great value 'Menu of the Day' worth looking at.

TuriaAvenida Vicente Llorca Alós, 8, Benidorm, Spain

Great views of Poniente Beach but mostly undercover, the Turia is a large Spanish restaurant where the prices might be a bit higher because of the location.

Two Palms RestaurantCalle la Palma, 23, Benidorm, Spain

Some comments about this place changing hands and it not being so good. I wonder if that is true. Generally some good comments. A few spoke about 'English speaking staff' which may appeal to some. Varied menu. I'd say don't travel too far out of your way to go here but worth a 'look-see' if you are passing.

UliaAvenida Vicente Llorca Alós, 15, Benidorm, Spain

As I stroll toward the Old Town along Poniente Beach in the evening I always think how the Ulia looks so fresh, clean and inviting. Always lots of people (remember the Spanish tend to eat later) and busy at Lunch times, the Seafood here is excellent and little things, like the rice, are exceptional.

YvonCalle Santander, 11, Benidorm, Spain

Something for every nationality at the Yvon Café on Calle Santander which might mean a compromise as people think it is good but not great. Dare I say looking a bit tired and in need of updating. Paellas are supposed to be good.

ZodiacCalle San Pedro, 6, Benidorm, Spain

They reckon the coffee is good here, it should be as this is one a few Colombian places I've seen and the dishes have a South American Spanish twist at the Zodiac. Nice situation overlooking the Eliche Park at the end of Poniente Beach , Old Town end.

When do the Spanish Eat?

The heat of the day is a major factor in Spain and to some extent this has driven different dining habits.  One of the key things to note that Spanish can often depend on the weather unlike the Northern Europeans so they will are much more likely to go out and dine. Spanish  tend to eat less  but more often as the following list of meal times illustrate.

Breakfast – ‘Desayuno’

Breakfast in Spain is usually between 7 and 9 O’Clock. The Spanish aren’t great breakfast eaters and their intake is limited at this time (unlike British with their ‘Full English Breakfast!).
Breakfast will often be just a coffee and a toasted baguette with crushed fresh tomato on it. Try this, it is really very nice.

Mid-Moring Snack – ‘Almuerzo’

This is usually eaten from about 10 to 11.30 in the morning. Think of this as a ‘second’ breakfast and you’ll see Spanish having pastries and coffee again.

Lunch – ‘La Comida’

Served from 2 to 3.30 in the afternoon, La Comida is a much bigger affair for the Spanish. Often this will consist of 3 to 4 courses and many restaurants offer ‘meal of the day’ which includes not only the three food courses but wine or beer as well. more
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