Good Steak, Grills and Burger Restaurants in Benidorm

When I started going to Spain many years ago, I’d often be given horse meat when I asked for a steak – don’t worry, this shouldn’t happen to you now. There’s a good selection of restaurants in Benidorm serving pretty good steaks, really succulent burgers and dishes more associated with Spain like really good chicken. I’d look out for places with open charcoal grills – they seem to be me to be a little better quality.

It is worth mentioning a few with some good reviews.  You could try the ‘3 Puntos Restaurante Argentino’ on the Avenida Bilbao in Benidorm. The Steak House ‘El Rincon’ has lots of praise for their steaks but you could also try the ‘Conbrassa’ for the views over Poniente Beach and the ‘La Parrilla de Hector’ for really good steaks but perhaps not so nicer setting.

Paradisio is a great restaurant with a good mixed menu and a very nice atmosphere. Perfect for friends, family and lovers! more

Where to find a Great Steak, Burger and Chicken Restaurant in Benidorm

3 Puntos Restaurante ArgentinoAvenida Bilbao, 4, Benidorm, Spain

A good steakhouse in Spain and even Benidorm is quite hard to find but the '3 Puntos' is an exception. Yes, the steaks are fantastic, big and cooked on an open char grill so the smells are mouth watering. There are other dishes but they are not exceptional. Service can suffer - in terms of having to wait - but the staff are pleasant and the atmosphere a notch above and the decor better than most. Would suit a 'special meal' - book though.

Bosse's BarAvenida Ricardo Bayona, 8, Benidorm, Spain

A steakhouse rated by customers. Very British feel and clientele.

Bravo LoungeAvenida Vicente Llorca Alós, 2, Benidorm, Spain

I like sitting in the Bravo as it is really quiet and overlooks Poniente beach. Hard to classify this place but the best way is to call it American I suppose. The food is simple and easy to please. I take my, non-foodie, 21 year old daughter here when we visit. It saves the hassle of making her eat 'new' things.

ConbrassaAv. Vicente Llorca Alós, 3, Benidorm, Spain

Probably the best thing about Conbrassa is the stunning views and situation right on Poniente Beach. Actually I WOULD put myself out to go to this place if you fancy a nice steak and reasonable food at an OK price. This sort of place suits couples in my opinion. New couples can feel all romantic and look out to sea. Older couples can just look out to sea! That said, good for groups of 4 and 6 as well I'd say.

Country RibsCalle Derramador, 7, Benidorm, Spain

OK boys, eat this. This steakhouse serves good steaks, chunky chips, rack of ribs and all the other stuff you'd normally find in an British/American themed steakhouse. I've read somewhere 'Counrty Ribs' serves Argentinian beef but I wouldn't go there for that label. I think it's actually reasonably priced. Great for a group of you. Not sure about the big cast iron serving things they use...but that's being picky.

Dave's Bar & GrillCalle Ibiza, Benidorm, Spain

Dave''s Bar and Grill serves steaks, burgers, chips and the usual 'American' type food. Good for a 'nosh' someone has said.

El BravoCalle Esperanto, 14, Benidorm, Spain

I quite like the simple clean lines of El Bravo's restaurant frontage and the fact there's plenty of space in the restaurant itself. Grill steaks, chicken and other meat dishes cooked well.

El Corral Del PolloCalle Lepanto, 11, Benidorm, Spain

If you like chicken go here. You'll sit on sort of park benches at the Corral Del Pollo on Lepanto and I quite like the theming with natural beach umbrellas / parasols. Not highly rated for anything else and the service could suffer when it is busy or the waiters have some gossip to share!

Fuego & ComidaAv. del Mediterráneo, 17, Benidorm, Spain

The Fuego and Comida is a new kid on the block and I'm really impressed with its modern styling, open grill and varied menu. Worth a try for a nice steak and some other dishes like the Salmon.

Grill HouseAv. del Mediterráneo, 29, Benidorm, Spain

Chunky chips, burgers, steaks, ice cream - sort of a Toby Inn on the Costa Blanca. If I still had youngish children I'd probably find the Grill House a good place to go - there's be plenty on the menu they'd eat. Very 'American' looking with big cushy benches. Its OK but not high cuisine but there's nothing wrong with that.

Jonny's DinerAv. del Mediterráneo, 58, Benidorm, Spain

Maybe Jonny's is a step up from the 'normal' Brash café and lots of comments about kid friendly menus and good burgers.

La Brasa Steak HouseAvenida de Almería, 8, Benidorm, Spain

Not the best looking restaurant in Benidorm and, as it is small, easy to miss. The steaks are OK and chunky chips and a good price. Not sure I'd head for this place.

La Parrilla de HectorCalle Gerona, 3, Benidorm, Spain

You'll probably pass the Parrilla de Hector by but maybe you shouldn't. Argentinian steaks here…served by Argentinians. Reasonably priced and excellent quality beef. Well done. Hope this place moves to a more prestigious and better looking place - in this case you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Great open charcoal grill and super smells. That said, the steak is what this place is all about and the accompanying sides and chips etc. not up to the steak's quality or quantity.

Liberty BenireggaeAv de Murcia, 11, Benidorm, Spain

Liberty is a mishmash of styles and offers anything from Burgers to Crepes.

Paneil'sCalle la Palma, 12, Benidorm, Spain

Features highly in ratings. This is a popular place and you may have to book. I suspect Paneil's caters to English tastes. Said to be good for steaks. White table cloths so no scruffy outfits please!

ParadisoAvinguda Ametlla de Mar, 22, Benidorm, Spain

Very good for us Northern Europeans. The Paradiso has a wide menu choice and a very nice setting with a good outdoor area. Lovely place and lovely people. Then again, he is my neighbour who owns it!

Parrilla Argentina La SalamandraCalle Esperanto, 16, Benidorm, Spain

Very well cooked steaks and other meats on an open charcoal grill, La Salamandra has a happy Spanish customer base. So why no British? To be honest it looks awful from the outside and the name La Salamandra might be a little too close to the bad English word which might mean bad food! Shame, quite a few of the Spanish internet sites mention this place. Can be smokey inside - and hot.

Restaurante Sidreria AurreraCalle José M Oriola, 18, Benidorm, Spain

This gets packed and hot. Looks better than it feels when you sit there hemmed in and sweating. Has some good reviews but personally not keen on sitting in a basement.

SambucaAv. Castelló, Benidorm, Spain

Sambuca is a small restaurant which seems to do most dishes British like at a great price. Not exactly fine dining but plenty to eat with big portions.

Sizzler HouseAvenida Doctor Severo Ochoa, 2, Benidorm, Spain

One of many restaurants in this area, Sizzlers is noted for its grill cooked steaks. Mainly British clientele. The interior is a little plain but the food hearty, nice desserts

Steak House El RinconAvenida Doctor Severo Ochoa, 4, Benidorm, Spain

Close your eyes, forget where you are, this restaurant will take you back to a steakhouse in the UK. If you want meat you'll find it here. The El Rincon Steak House is very popular with British and possibly one to go to if you've had enough of fish. Nothing really Spanish about the place but British reviewers seem to like it.

TAPACarrer del Rosari, 10, Benidorm, Spain
Tony Roma'sAv. del Mediterráneo, 28, Benidorm, Spain

American Rib place, part of the USA chain. Not sure there's much point in a Franchise in a holiday spot like Benidorm but if you like Ribs, go to Roma's

UptownCarrer Major, 18, Benidorm, Spain

Blink and you'll miss this place. It almost looks like a club but have a peek inside, Uptown is a little Bistro/American/Spanish place which attracts both Spanish and British people. They've done it up well and pride themselves on 'home cooked' food.

Venta La AlmartxaPartida Els Tolls, 7, Benidorm, Spain

More or less the Almartxa is totally Spanish style food. The advantage of this place is that they seem to cater for kids and there's a play area. Quite far out.

How to Order the Steak You Want.

If you are ordering a steak – particularly at a more ‘Spanish’ restaurant make sure you get it cooked how you want to.  As a guide try this translation:

  • Well done – Muy hecho
  • Medium well – Hecho
  • Medium – En su punto
  • Medium rare – Poco hecho
  • Rare – Crudo

As a rough rule, Spanish cooks tend to cook a ‘rarer’ steak than you are expecting so you may want to order slightly more cooked than you would in the U.K.  However the dedicated steakhouses in Benidorm should have the right idea and you can order as you normally would do at home.

Ordering a Burger

It is also worth noting that Burgers are often cooked slightly pink in the middle when served.  Most will be OK but some people, especially kids, might find this not to their taste.  Order a ‘Burger Muy Hecho’ and you should get a burger similar to those served in British restaurants.

Of course, there’s also MacDonalds & Burger King in Benidorm.  No need to review them here!


Spanish Chicken is superb.  Often it is grilled on a rotisserie and the meat is prepared with great spices which taste excellent.

You can order chicken from most restaurants but it is often better from Grills and Steakhouses.  There are also many shops selling cooked chicken – great for a meal in your apartment.

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