Tapas Alley In Benidorm

Tapas Alley can’t be found on a Map of Benidorm although many people ‘know’ it.  The handy map below will give you the directions you need to the Tapas Zone which is located in the Old Town.

If you are staying elsewhere in Benidorm, are on a ‘all-inclusive’ deal or are simply a little bit unsure about eating at these restaurants then the best advice I can give you is; Try It!  You’ll find a handy guide to the types of dishes served below, after the map.

Some of the wealthiest Spanish in Spain come to Benidorm many times a year and they demand the best and you’ll get it here.  The quality and freshness of virtually all the food served in Tapas Alley is first rate and it can be a great night out and a good change from all the hundreds of other restaurants you can find in Benidorm.

Where to Find Tapas Alley In Benidorm

Tapas Alley is famous for its Spanish Tapas style restaurants.  In actual fact, most serve full meals more than stand alone tapas bites with drink.  The best way to discover Tapas Alley is to go there.  The map shows where the main tapas zone is but it is mainly to be found in and around Calle Santo Domingo in Benidorm.

AkimeKedoCarrer del Rosari, 10, Benidorm, Spain

Despite being a little small, this bar has a great reputation amongst the Spanish and British people possibly feel more at home here as the owners and staff are very welcoming. Look out for their fantastic Spanish Omelet. 

AtxuriCalle de Santo Domingo, 13, Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain

In the Tapas zone, the Ayxuri, I think, is actually more of Basque import to the region although its food is similar to others with my eye. I like the long glass display of food and it’s a nice place to visit so you can choose what you want.

Bar de TapasCarrer del Rosari, 9, Benidorm, Spain

Quite cheap this one and the Tapas in Bar De Tapas seems ok. Have been known to do a jug of wine with a set number of Tapas for fixed price, good idea.

Bi-ArritzCalle Santo Domingo, 17, Benidorm, Spain

Another busy place on Tapas Alley. The Bi-Arritz (get it, Bridget Bardot fans?) is a competent tapas bar with a good selection. Can't help thinking the décor might be a little dated but this little place seems to manage to keep up with bigger competition.

Dehesa de Don SaturninoCalle Santo Domingo, 8, Benidorm, Spain

The Saturn Spanish Restaurant is showing signs of people being less happy with the choice, service and quality of the meals. In an area where there is so much choice, this might be a time for this little place to pull it's socks up.

El Bodegon AurreraCalle Santo Domingo, 10, Benidorm, Spain

Probably one of the more successful restaurants around Tapas Ally I can think of. Sometimes its popularity means waiting a while but, as long as you have a drink, why worry? The food is genuinely good. In the height of summer the inside may well seem too hot and clammy, restricted places outside.

El CalamarCarrer del Rosari, 7, Benidorm, Spain

El Calamar is a small Tapas Bar near the Tapas zone in Benidorm. Nothing really outstanding here save for the low prices and the deals where they do a big jug of wine with a set number of Tapas.

El Rincon Del RiberaCtra. Quatre Cantons, 1, Benidorm, Spain

I love this place. Always busy and lots of Spanish there which endorses the quality of its Tapas. A few tips, the outside area is on a slope and I once fell off my chair there and I wasn't drunk. The bar area gets congested but be persistent, the staff watch everything and it wont be long until you are served. Take a look at what's on offer before you make the order there are always variations.

GaztelutxoCalle Santo Domingo, 7, Benidorm, Spain

The Gazteluxo stands up well against others but is very much more Spanish orientated and styled - no bad thing in my opinion. Remember you Brits, the more Spanish it caters for the cheaper it will probably be, this is true here.

Gran Taberna TragantuaPlaça de Constitució, 8, Benidorm, Spain

I have spoken about competition in this area where standards are high and prices reasonable. I'm not sure I'd choose this place first. Looks a bit tired and, for some British, a bit uninviting. Personal opinion here but there you go.

La AlbercaCalle Santo Domingo, 17, Benidorm, Spain

Above average Spanish / Tapas restaurant, La Alberca has thought about the styling and décor. I think places in the Tapas area really need to think about this with all the competition.

La BraseriaCalle Santo Domingo, 10, Benidorm, Spain

I've been to this one with a group of friends and we had a nice meal. That said, La Braseria seems to struggle when it gets busy and the eye if very much on turning over the throughput of customers so some people have felt rushed. Seem to have a few Spanish detractors (they should know). You can eat at a table inside (quite pleasant) or outside. Also has a large standing Tapas area. This is one of the biggest restaurants on Tapas Alley

La Cava AragonesaPlaça de Constitució, Benidorm, Spain

One of the best Tapas places in Benidorm in my humble opinion and the review of reviews seems to support me. Great place to see what you want and point. Huge variety of dishes and a wonderful atmosphere. Does get busy and many Spanish here - always a good sign.

La Taberna Del JamonCalle José M Oriola, 13, Benidorm, Spain

Not been open more than a year, the Taberna Del Jamon (Ham Café) specialises in good meats and seafood too. Branding is a bit off and one of the few places in the Tapas zone to show menus with pictures - a bit old hat?

La TaperiaCalle Santo Domingo, 6, Benidorm, Spain

This Spanish/tapas style restaurant has still competition from its neighbours and I'm not sure it's modern styling helps in this instance. The food is fine but I've tasted better along there.

La TasquitaCarrer del Rosari, 7, Benidorm, Spain

Whilst the food is similar to that of the many Tapas restaurants in the Tapas Zone, I think this one may suffer because it doesn't look quaint, just old, dated and uncared for. Cheap though.

Taberna SaltokiCalle José M Oriola, 16b, Benidorm, Spain

I suspect the stiff competition in the area keeps this and other Spanish/tapas places around right on their toes and we're the winners. This has above average food and, once again, lots of Spanish customers which is a good sign as everyone knows. Cute waiter too.

Tasca y BastaCalle José M Oriola, 25, Benidorm, Spain

One of many in Tapas Alley region. The Tasca y Basta is little bit smaller and I can't help but think this little tapas place is a little outshone by other bigger, better places nearby with greater choice. Cheap though.

TxapelaCalle José M Oriola, 20, Benidorm, Spain

Nice little tapas place with a good reputation, the Txapela is one of a number so go on what you see. If there's more you like on their display stop there.

A Guide to Spanish Tapas and Spanish Dishes to be found in Benidorm


Basically this is a snack.  It comes with beer or wine and many places (usually in very small, very Spanish bars off Tapas Alley) will give you it for free.

You can get half a beer or glass of wine for 1.5 to 2 Euros and they’ll give you something like a small piece of cured ham on a slice of white bread. The next time you order a drink it will probably be something different. Alternatively you choose the Tapa from the display and they’ll bring it to you.

Tapa Extra

Quite a few Spanish people will buy additional Tapa and you can too.  Often this might be at evening times where a more substantial snack is required.  Most of the places you see in Tapas Alley will be on a chargeable basis.


Like a shish kabab, the Pintxo is a smallish skewer with spliced or flavoured meet; usually chicken, pork or lamb.  They can be quite cheap and delicious.  Look out for the ‘Pintxo’s’ signs, again, mostly in smaller Spanish bars off the main strip.


Really just a version of Tapas, the Montadito is a portion of food on a larger piece of bread with a stick like a cocktail stick to hold the food together. You pay on the basis of how many bare ‘sticks’ you have on the plate.

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