The Ten Top Restaurants in Benidorm

French, Mediterranean and Finer Spanish Dining in Benidorm

If you are looking for fine dining, a special meal or prefer to ‘eat well’ when you go out on holiday you have a great choice in Benidorm.

You’ll find many of the restaurants listed below perfect if you are wanting to impress, have something to celebrate or just simply wanting to treat yourself. Some are above average when it comes to ordering the bill. more

Map of Top Restaurants in Benidorm

Amigos BistroAvenida Armada Española, 19, Benidorm, Spain

Whilst highly rated on one or two sites, I wouldn't say this was a brilliant restaurant but capable with a very good range of dishes.  Not a great night time location in my opinion as it is on the street. Not to be confused with 'Amigos. 

Amigos Restaurant and Roof TerraceCalle la Palma, 14, Benidorm, Spain

Very good quality food rated very highly by British and other Northern European nationalities.  Try to get the terrace in the summer as it is a better atmosphere and cooler.  The steaks are well cooked but maybe ask for one cooked slightly more than usual and you'll get the one you expect.  Some really nice alternative dishes and well presented.  Not to be confused with Dos Amigos which is also a good restaurant on Poniente Beach.

BelvedereCalle Esperanto, 1, Benidorm, Spain

The Belvedere is on the top of Hotel Madeira Central which means there are stunning views. I think it used to have a Michelin Star but not now (?) The Belvedere's specialist is the tasting menu where you get a chance to sample a lot of dishes in one go. Nicely presented and styled to a high standard, the Belvedere is certainly a destination restaurant. Nice for couples and smaller groups. Not really for kids in my opinion.

El BarrancoAv. Vicente Llorca Alós, 13, Benidorm, Spain

The Barranco on Poniente Beach is a very good quality restaurant serving very fresh seafood and fine Spanish dishes. The view is very good as the restaurant is raised above street level. Can be pricey compared to quantity.

El MesonCalle Gerona, 1, Benidorm, Spain

El Meson is one of the few restaurants in Benidorm which looks Spanish, is Spanish and tastes Spanish - even the Spanish visitors agree, this is a top flight authentic Spanish Restaurant.

EoloCalle Santander, 16, Benidorm, Spain

The Eolo is on the road behind the Gran Delphin so it is at the far end of Poniente Beach. Raised slightly from the road, I like this place because it is very well appointed with warm colouring, white table cloths and bright clean glass and cutlery. They excel at paella and all traditional Spanish dishes. A destination restaurant good for couples and small groups. Not really a kids place.

La FaluaCalle Santander, 22, Benidorm, Spain

Just down from my house in Benidorm, La Falua is saved for special occasions - not least because it is a little pricey! Very popular with Spanish with more than a few Euro in their pocket, this is more like a city restaurant and it certainly makes a different dining experience from the usual restaurants around and about. The food is very, very good. Meat tends to be cooked to Spanish standards which British people may think is too raw for them so mention this when ordering. The food is well set out, the tables smart, the decor really stylish and this place can help calm you after more frenetic meals elsewhere. Small portions - posh food always is, isn't it?

Llum del MarPlaça de Sant Jaume, 1, Benidorm, Spain

The Llum del Mar right on the Headland in Benidorm is said to be one of the best restaurants in Benidorm. Within the 5 star Venetia Hotel, this restaurant has great views, lovely styling and a very special feel about it. This place is most certainly for couples. If you are celebrating a birthday, about to propose, wanting to impress or just want to dress up for a 'posh' night out then this is your place. The food is excellent but small portions might mean you have to go for a kebab later (lol). Take your wallet.

Oh SolomilloAvenida Emilio Ortuño, 14, Benidorm, Spain

Some friends took me here not so long ago and I was seriously impressed. The ten of us had a big, well dressed, round table which was lovely when you are all talking across each other. In actual fact we had the set menu of 4 courses which included fillet steak at 25 Euro. It was very good and I was impressed. Nice service, nice setting. Great place to go in my opinion. Check to see if open in the Winter months.

Paneil'sCalle la Palma, 12, Benidorm, Spain

Features highly in ratings. This is a popular place and you may have to book. I suspect Paneil's caters to English tastes. Said to be good for steaks. White table cloths so no scruffy outfits please! Features highly in ratings. This is a popular place and you may have to book. I suspect Paneil's caters to English tastes. Said to be good for steaks. White table cloths so no scruffy outfits please!

ParadisoAvinguda Ametlla de Mar, 22, Benidorm, Spain

Very good for us Northern Europeans. The Paradiso has a wide menu choice and a very nice setting with a good outdoor area. Lovely place and lovely people. I took my parents there and, believe me, it's hard to get their approval and they loved it. I'd say not posh but very good place to enjoy good food and often entertainment.

Restaurante TaitaCalle Primavera, 8, Benidorm, Spain

This is a Spanish restaurant, which attracts a lot of Spanish people wanting really good Spanish food. If you are into authentic dining in the country you are visiting then I'd really recommend this super restaurant. If you want a steak, don't bother.

The Four SeasonsCarrer de la Biga, 15, Benidorm, Spain

Not exactly THE Four Seasons but a good upper scale restaurant with plenty of room, nice white table clothes and food normally found in Northern European restaurants. Worth booking this one, last time I tried - "No Tables"

The VagabondCalle la Palma, 17, Benidorm, Spain

Place has a fine reputation and some great comments on quite a few review sites. It appears he's ruffled the feathers of competition as some b**** is posting fake reviews. Well cooked food and well thought out menu.

UliaAvenida Vicente Llorca Alós, 15, Benidorm, Spain

As I stroll toward the Old Town along Poniente Beach in the Evening I always think how the Ulia looks so fresh, clean and inviting. Always lots of people (remember the Spanish tend to eat later) and busy at Lunch times, the Seafood here is excellent and little things, like the rice, are exceptional.